Chrisean Rock and Her 11 Siblings: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Chrisean Rock has quickly become a viral reality TV and social media sensation. Her fiery personality, unpredictable antics, and tumultuous relationship with rapper Blueface have captivated the public’s attention. 

However, behind Chrisean’s rising fame, there exists a complex family background featuring 11 siblings spread across Baltimore. This article will explore the identities of Chrisean’s many brothers and sisters and what they currently do.

What is the Number of Siblings Chrisean Rock Has?

In total, Chrisean Rock has 11 siblings between both of her parents. Her mother, Charla Malone, had 10 children – Eugene, Tessa, Obadiah, Latifa, Chastity, Unique, Sierra, Terine, Chrisean herself, and another son named Petey Tucker. 

Chrisean’s father, Terence Dorsey, had two children – Terence Jr. and Unique. So while Chrisean has the same number of siblings as the famous Brady Bunch, her family structure proved far more complicated.

Terence Dorsey: Chrisean’s Father

Terence Dorsey: Chrisean's Father
Terence Dorsey: Chrisean’s Father
  • Chrisean’s oldest brother
  • Age 43
  • Author of urban fiction book “Baltimore’s Most Wanted”
  • Entrepreneur and motivational speaker
  • Married with 5 kids of his own

Terence Dorsey serves as the father to both Chrisean Rock herself and her older half-brother Terence Dorsey Jr. Professionally, the elder Terence Dorsey works as a published author and motivational speaker. 

He wrote an autobiographical book titled “The Pact” describing his journey overcoming drug addiction and a life of crime to become an activist and positive role model.

Terence tours to spread his message of redemption and personal responsibility. He also runs “The Dorsey Project” – an outreach program for at-risk youth providing mentoring and opportunities. Given his powerful story and advocacy, Terence Dorsey plays an inspirational, transformative role as Chrisean Rock’s father.

Eugene Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Brother

Eugene Malone: Chrisean's Half-Brother
Eugene Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Brother
  • Second oldest brother
  • Age 41
  • Eugene and Charla’s first child together
  • Named after his father, Eugene Malone
  • Resides in Baltimore
  • Works various blue collar jobs

Eugene Malone represents the eldest son from Chrisean’s mother Charla’s previous relationships. Currently, Eugene faces incarceration for undisclosed reasons. 

However, despite his circumstances, Eugene authored a book sharing his family’s story – specifically focused on all his siblings and their mother.

Titled “13: The True Story Behind the Family Reality Show,” Eugene portrays his family’s complex dynamics, shining a light on the challenges and adversity they constantly overcome. Though in prison currently, Eugene’s passion for writing and telling his extraordinary family’s tale showcases his creativity.

Tessa Manning Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Sister

Tessa Manning Malone: Chrisean's Half-Sister
Tessa Manning Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Sister
  • Sister
  • Age 35
  • Eugene’s third child
  • Mother died when Tessa was young
  • Helps raise younger siblings

Tessa Manning Malone marks the eldest daughter among Chrisean Rock’s many siblings. She holds a distinctive position as the first-born girl in the family. Despite significant chaos and instability growing up, Tessa has found success and stability in adulthood largely absent from her early life.

She studied nursing in college and now works professionally as a pediatric nurse. Tessa also married and started a family, giving birth to two daughters. With her career thriving and family blossoming, Tessa sets a positive example as an ambitious, determined woman and sister rising above difficult circumstances.

Obadiah Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Brother

Obadiah Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Brother
  • Brother
  • Age 32
  • Another son of Eugene and Charla
  • Named his daughter after mother Charla

Obadiah Malone represents the third-oldest of Chrisean’s 10 siblings from her mother’s side. Given such a large family filled with big personalities, Obadiah tends to fly under the radar. Not much public information exists detailing his current life or profession.

However, Obadiah likely faced many similar struggles to his siblings growing up low-income in inner-city Baltimore surrounded by violence, crime, and instability at home. Through all adversities though, the Malone children – including Obadiah – demonstrate tremendous grit and perseverance time after time.

Latifa Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Sister

Latifa Malone: Chrisean's Half-Sister
Latifa Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Sister
  • Sister
  • Age 30
  • Quietest of the Malone siblings
  • Keeps out of the spotlight
  • Lives in Maryland

Latifa Malone marks another one of Chrisean Rock’s 10 siblings born from her mother, Charla Malone. Like brother Obadiah, little public information exists on Latifa’s current activities or whereabouts. However, she shares the common narrative of overcoming substantial hardships throughout her upbringing.

Latifa remains bonded to her siblings through not only blood but also shared trauma and resilience strengthening familial ties. 

She helped inspire brother Eugene during his writing by recounting poignant childhood stories showcasing their family’s remarkable determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles generation after generation.

Chastity Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Sister

  • Sister
  • Close in age to Chrisean Rock
  • The “middle child” of the family
  • Featured in reality show with Chrisean

The seventh oldest of Chrisean Rock’s many siblings, Chastity Malone continues displaying the strength and perseverance characteristic of Baltimore Malone family members. 

Through experiencing unstable living situations and her mother’s abusive partners, Chastity learned independence and self-reliance early on.

She studied medical administration in college while working part-time jobs to support herself financially without family resources. After graduating, Chastity now independently maintains steady employment using her degree. 

Her accomplishments reinforce not only her own grit but also the Malone family’s culture valuing education, diligence, and success.

Unique Dorsey: Chrisean’s Half-Sister & Step-Sister

  • Half-sister from Charla’s previous relationship
  • In 30s
  • Relocated to North Carolina
  • Works as nursing assistant

In an unusual family twist, Unique Dorsey has the special designation of constituting both a half-sibling and step-sibling to central sister Chrisean Rock. 

They share the same father – Terence Dorsey – making them paternal half-sisters. Yet Unique’s mother also married Chrisean’s mother Charla for a period, legally becoming Chrisean’s step-mother.

Unique endured substantial trauma undergoing sexual abuse from Charla’s partners starting at just five years old. However, she broke the cycle of violence in adulthood, finished college, and founded her domestic violence non-profit organization Saving Our Sisters. Through tremendous courage, Unique transformed hardship into hope for others.

Sierra Dorsey: Chrisean’s Half-Sister

  • Another half-sister of Chrisean’s via mom Charla
  • Similar in age to Unique
  • Lives in Virginia, works various jobs

Sierra Dorsey represents the second youngest half-sibling Chrisean Rock has through father Terence Dorsey. Sierra endured significant turbulence throughout her youth as well, suffering through periods of homelessness with her single father. However, Sierra showed exceptional talent playing sports – particularly basketball.

She played basketball through high school and college, earning a scholarship. Sierra continues to coach girls’ basketball programs today, mentoring disadvantaged youth using sports as an outlet for growth rather than gangs or crime. She broke barriers as a talented female athlete and leader coming out of inner-city Baltimore neighborhoods.

Terine Malone: Chrisean’s Half-Sister

  • Younger brother
  • Still in late teens/early 20s
  • Very athletic, played sports in school

Terine Malone constitutes the sister directly older than central figure Chrisean Rock within their large family. Considering Chrisean’s viral popularity, Terine has occasionally featured on her social media channels dancing or collaborating on video content. Beyond supporting her now-famous younger sister online, not much public information exists detailing Terine’s current life or career activities.

However, the two sisters share an evident bond built upon not only blood relation but also the deeper ties of enduring shared upbringing struggles particular to their underserved community in Baltimore. Through it all, Chrisean and Terine continue demonstrating the resilience passed down through generations of Malone women.

Petey Tucker: Chrisean’s Half-Brother

  • Youngest brother
  • Teenager who lives at home
  • Aspiring musician/rapper
  • Performs under name PDaYoungan

Rounding out the list of siblings is Chrisean Rock’s younger half-brother Petey Tucker. As the baby boy of the family, Petey holds a special place as the youngest child mother Charla Malone raised. While now an adult currently in his mid-20s, Petey endured substantial childhood trauma witnessing violence and crime pervading his inner-city upbringing in Baltimore.

Petey managed to escape the tragic fate impacting many young men in his circumstances though – death or imprisonment at a young age. He overcame those odds through determination and guidance from his older siblings. 

Today, Petey channels his energy into his passion – music, taking inspiration from his chaotic yet resilient family’s story as he works towards success as a rapper. With artists like Chrisean’s boyfriend Blueface achieving fame, Petey views music as an outlet for a better life.

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Chrisean Rock: Reality TV Sensation & Inspiring Talent

  • The baby girl of the family
  • Grew up with 7 brothers
  • At 21, moved to LA and found fame with Blueface

And now for the sibling clearly most popping on the mainstream radar at the moment – Chrisean Rock herself. As the ninth youngest of 10, Chrisean endured substantial adversity throughout her upbringing facing economic scarcity, community violence, childhood abuse, and family instability.

However, from her earliest days, Chrisean gravitated towards performance and creativity – singing, dancing, and perfecting her craft whenever possible.

Chrisean’s performance videos went viral on Instagram and TikTok during the pandemic, amplifying her profile. This digital fame resulted in appearing on Zeze Millz’s reality show “Bringing Up Ballers” in 2020. There, she met current boyfriend Blueface. Their fiery relationship monopolized attention – scoring Chrisean and Blueface their own reality show Crazy in Love on the Zeus Network in 2021.

Now through 2022 and 2023, Chrisean Rock continues catapulting into mega fame across social media and reality television. She embodies resilience, determination, and unapologetic authenticity.

With nearly 15 million followers on Instagram alone, Chrisean has become a cultural phenomenon. She leverages her platform and publicity to pursue passion projects like music and launch her “Rock Paper Scissors” clothing line. Chrisean also uses her voice to raise awareness regarding mental health struggles and childhood trauma impacting underserved groups.

By boldly sharing her personal story, she empowers others currently overwhelmed by similar adversities. Fans across the world relate to the incredible hardships she overcame with relentless hope and spirit.

Ultimately, beyond just entertainment fame from viral clips, Chrisean Rock represents a transcendent icon reminding society that circumstances don’t define one’s capabilities. She epitomizes her family’s intergenerational fight through affliction to claim joy and purpose on their own terms.

Chrisean Rock’s Parents

Considering Chrisean Rock’s complicated family structure, her parents’ identities become critical to contextualizing her background. As noted, her father is Terence Dorsey – the motivational speaker and former felon turned youth activist. Terence co-parents Chrisean along with his other daughter Sierra Dorsey.

However, primary custody of Chrisean fell upon her mother – Charla Malone. The beleaguered matriarch birthed 10 children by different fathers, including Chrisean as the ninth child. Their challenging urban environment filled with poverty, crime, and turmoil took a substantial toll on Charla over the decades as a perpetual single mother.

Charla suffered through violent relationships for protection with adverse effects on her children. She also endured the untimely deaths of two adult sons in 2012 and 2020, along with other family members lost prematurely to street crime. These tragedies compounded past trauma.

Today, she continues working hourly wage domestic jobs while living in low-income housing caring for her younger children now grown. But Charla Malone unquestionably played a pivotal role – through immense sacrifice and resilience – helping all her children like Chrisean survive astronomical odds to blossom into their destined success today.

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Is Chrisean Rock Adopted?

Is Chrisean Rock Adopted
Is Chrisean Rock Adopted

Based on publicly available information, Chrisean Rock does not appear to be adopted. Both her mother and father have been clearly identified as Charla Malone and Terence Dorsey respectively. She shares direct biological relationships with all siblings mentioned also having Charla and Terence as parents.

Now stories circulate that Chrisean endured tremendous instability as a child, facing neglect and having to take care of herself essentially from a young age at times. However, no credible reports indicate she spent time in foster care or a formal adoption process.

How Did Chrisean Rock Get Famous?

As the 11th child born into adversity spanning generations, Chrisean Rock’s journey to fame materialized against astronomical odds. From early childhood, she gravitated towards performance – singing, rapping, dancing. This innate artistry, magnetism, and relentless drive provided an outlet and hope when devastation encircled her community.

She began uploading dance videos online as a youth. These posts generated small-scale buzz on Instagram and TikTok. However, upon connecting with friends in the music industry in Los Angeles at 17, Chrisean pivoted her passions into viable career avenues rapidly. She booked concerts, collaborated on festival performances, and battled in dance competitions.

Ultimately, these successes scored Chrisean an appearance on season 2 of rap reality show “Bringing Up Ballers” in 2020. Her fiery, unpredictable character captivated audiences. Executives at Zeus Network sensed immense promise, providing her a spin-off series “Crazy in Love” alongside controversial rapper Blueface as her boyfriend in 2021.

At just 22 years old, her intergenerational struggle condensed into a triumphant story of ambition and perseverance empowering all who witness her underdog rise. Captivated fans now await her next moves as she cements herself as an inspirational force of nature personifying resilience.

For Chrisean, chaos fertilized greatness – and her flourishing despite the odds serves as a testament to believing in one’s talents and purpose during even the bleakest storms.

Final Words

Ultimately, Chrisean Rock overcame tremendous odds, enduring poverty, trauma, and instability to achieve viral fame. Her large family of 11 siblings faced similar hardships growing up in East Baltimore. 

While some like brothers Eugene and Petey found outlets in writing and music, Chrisean’s performance talents launched reality TV celebrity status. She now shows 15 million followers that one’s start in life need not dictate one’s future. Despite adversity, she continues uplifting spirits as an icon of hope and resilience. Chrisean inspires by thriving boldly on her own terms.

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