College Basketball Streams in 2024

The 2024 college basketball season is fast approaching, with fans eagerly awaiting another exciting year of NCAA basketball action. With star freshmen joining talented returning players across top teams, there will likely be no shortage of March Madness drama this upcoming season.

Diehard college basketball fans are already researching how they can live stream games online in 2024. The good news is there are multiple ways to access NCAA basketball streams through various paid services and free options this year.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know regarding college basketball live streams for the 2024 season. It outlines when and where you can catch key matchups, the best streaming platforms, tips for smooth streaming, and even free stream options to consider.

Whether you follow perennial top teams like Kansas, Gonzaga or Kentucky, or are loyal to smaller conference underdogs, read on to ensure you can stream all the college basketball action this year directly on your preferred devices.

When and Where to Stream Key College Basketball Games This Season

The 2024 college basketball regular season kicks off on November 7th 2023, with non-conference play ramping up through November and December. Once January hits, the major conference action starts in earnest across key outlets like ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports and the Pac-12 Network.

Here is a breakdown of important dates and matchups you won’t want to miss during the 2023-2024 college basketball live stream schedule:

Key Conference Matchups

ACC Basketball

The ACC figures to be ultra competitive this upcoming season. Defending ACC tournament champions Virginia will face stiff competition from the likes of North Carolina, Duke, Miami, Florida State and other conference foes all vying for supremacy. Circle January 14th on your calendar when Duke battles North Carolina in a clash of bitter rivals.

Big Ten Basketball

The Big Ten conference tournament has been won by a different team each of the past 5 years, underlining the conference’s impressive balance. Indiana and Illinois are early 2024 tournament favorites, but don’t count out Michigan, Purdue and other challengers. The Big Ten tournament runs March 13-17 at the United Center in Chicago.

Big 12 Basketball

Perennial Big 12 powerhouse Kansas will look to continue its dominance, although the 2023 NCAA runner-ups will face renewed challenges from the likes of Baylor, Texas and Texas Tech in conference play. One of the biggest Big 12 games comes on February 18th when Kentucky battles Kansas in a non-conference clash.

Pac-12 Basketball

UCLA is the defending Pac-12 tournament champion while Arizona won the 2022 Pac-12 regular season title before falling in March Madness. Both college basketball bluebloods are loaded for 2024 and figure to battle for conference supremacy again. Tune-in on January 29th when UCLA meets Arizona in a Pac-12 showdown.

SEC Basketball

As usual the SEC boasts several championship contenders in Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama. One early circle on the calendar is the SEC/Big 12 challenge on January 28th, which will feature clashes between top-25 squads from both conferences in a one-day inter-conference showdown.

March Madness Tournament Streams

The 2024 March Madness Tournament runs from March 14th-April 1st. While the Final Four and National Championship game air on TBS as part of the regular rotation, you can live stream all NCAA tournament games in their entirety via NCAA March Madness Live. More details in the sections below.

Other Notable Non-Conference Battles

Beyond conference play, here are some tantalizing non-conference matchups to mark on your college basketball streaming calendar for 2024:

  • November 25th: Gonzaga vs UCLA
  • December 17th: Kentucky vs Ohio State
  • January 28th: Baylor vs Kansas (Big-12/SEC challenge)
  • February 11th: Syracuse vs Georgetown

With star freshmen and NBA prospects dotting top-25 rosters across the country, there will be must-see talent and matchups nationwide this upcoming college basketball season.

Pro Tip: Use the official team websites for Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and other blueblood programs to access their 2023-2024 live stream basketball schedule. This lets you easily add game reminders directly to your calendar app for anytime your favorite squad hits the hardwood.

Best Sites for Streaming Live College Basketball in 2024

Streaming Live College Basketball in 2024

Die-hard college basketball fans clearly need access to reliable live streams to catch all the action. Here is a closer look at some of the best paid platforms for streaming college basketball games this 2024 season:


As the NCAA’s official streaming partner, ESPN+ offers a ton of college basketball action each season. An ESPN+ subscription currently runs $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

With ESPN+ live streams you can watch:

  • Hundreds of exclusive college basketball games spanning top conferences
  • Full replays of recent games on-demand
  • Classic NCAA basketball games and past March Madness tournaments
  • 30+ live ESPN channels streaming college hoops content

ESPN+ is a must for cord-cutters looking to stream ACC basketball, SEC basketball and more without a full cable package. You can watch ESPN+ live streams directly through the platform’s website on your desktop or laptop, via the ESPN app on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets or even stream college basketball to your TV via devices like Roku, Firestick and Apple TV.

CBS Sports

Beyond ESPN’s offerings, CBS Sports is another excellent option for streaming select live college basketball games and events in 2024.

A CBS All Access monthly subscription runs $5.99 per month and provides live streams for sporting events like:

  • SEC conference matchups and SEC tournament games
  • Big Ten basketball games
  • Atlantic 10 conference tournament
  • The 2024 NCAA March Madness tournament

Similar to ESPN+, CBS Sports streaming is available on computers, mobile devices, as well as TV streaming platforms. An important extra feature they offer is the ability to listen to live CBS Sports radio broadcasts of games as an alternative to watching.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is the official broadcaster for the Big East conference. College basketball fans can access Fox Sports live streams by registering for a free trial of the Fox Sports app. This provides a means to stream top contests like the Big East tournament and other exclusive games.

Keep in mind that some live content requires a cable provider login to access. So double check your access if you attempt to rely on Fox Sports for college basketball live streaming this 2024 season.

Other Notable Options

Beyond the major players outlined above, here are some other great platforms granting college basketball live stream access worth mentioning:

Hulu Live ($69.99 per month): Live streams for CBS, ESPN, Fox channels showing NCAA basketball plus over 75 other popular live TV channels. There is also a 7-day free trial option to test it out.

Sling TV ($40 per month): Live ESPN and TBS feeds making it great for access to March Madness tournament action. They also offer the first month for only $20 to new users.

YouTube TV ($64.99 per month): CBS, ESPN, Fox and many other sports/college basketball dedicated channels. Plus unlimited DVR storage for recording games.

FuboTV ($69.99 per month): Touts strong overall sports coverage including CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, Big Ten Network and more. So great coverage of college basketball.

The great news is college basketball fans have no shortage of ways to live stream games this 2024 season. Simply decide which option(s) best align with the content, pricing and device access that fits your NCAA fandom and streaming budget.

Tips for Getting the Best College Basketball Streams

Tips for Getting the Best College Basketball Streams
Tips for Getting the Best College Basketball Streams

While the streaming services outlined above make it simple to watch college basketball online, here are some pro tips to ensure you get the best stream quality and experience:

Use a VPN if Blackouts are an Issue

Certain live streaming platforms like ESPN+ use location services to determine if you reside in a team’s TV market. If so, games may be blacked out locally to respect regional broadcaster rights. Using a VPN tricks the streaming services into thinking you are out of market so blackouts won’t apply.

Check Platforms for Free Trial Offers

As outlined above, many top streaming services offer free 7-day trials for new users. This allows you to test the quality of their live college basketball streams before paying. Consider mixing and matching free trials from YouTube TV, Hulu Live and others to maximize your access.

Use an HD Antenna as a Complement

While streaming dominates nowadays, an HD digital antenna can still be useful for watching many nationally televised college basketball games. Hooking one up to your TV provides free access to live CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and other over-the-air channels showing key NCAA action.

Compare Monthly Costs to Find the Best Value

The monthly fees associated with college basketball live streaming sites can add up quickly. So research all your options for NCAA hoops access and determine the best value option(s) aligning with your budget. Factor in available trial periods and any bundled services like on-demand libraries to determine the ideal platform(s) for your fandom and wallet.

Upgrade Your Internet Speeds for Smoother Streaming

To avoid annoying stream buffering and latency, upgrade your home internet speeds and/or use ethernet connections where possible. The major streaming services suggest minimum speeds of at least 25mbps for smooth HD quality feeds. But faster is always better, especially if multiple devices are streaming simultaneously.

By using the tips above and services outlined earlier that fit your needs, you will be well prepared to catch all the non-stop excitement via college basketball live streams this coming 2024 season.

Can I Stream College Basketball Games for Free in 2024?

Die-hard college basketball fans are always seeking free streaming options beyond paying monthly subscription fees. The ability to stream NCAA games for free is limited, but there are still some legal options worth considering below:

Use Official Broadcaster Sites

The official digital platforms for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports and conference networks will stream some live games or highlights packages free without needing a cable login. Content is limited but it’s a legal means for sampling some college basketball action.

Check Reddit Game Threads

Reddit users frequently post free links to sports streams and live coverage within Game Threads for specific NBA games matchups. While streams often get removed due to copyright issues, Reddit can be a useful resource for finding some limited free access to college basketball action.

Follow Your Team on Twitter

School athletic departments will frequently tweet out links to live radio streams or video highlights as games unfold. So make sure to follow your favorite teams for updates.

YouTube Searches

General searches on YouTube can sometimes unearth legal free streams from lesser known regional broadcasters and sports networks worldwide. Quality and reliability varies greatly however.

While limited, utilizing the various free options above allows you to supplement a core paid streaming platform with some added free college basketball content season long.

College Basketball Streaming Will Be Hot in 2024

College Basketball Streaming Will Be Hot in 2024
College Basketball Streaming Will Be Hot in 2024

If one thing is clear about the 2023-2024 NCAA basketball season, it is that streaming viewership records will likely be smashed yet again.

With exciting storylines, star freshmen like DJ Wagner suiting up for top programs and blueblood teams like UNC, Kansas and Kentucky ready to battle, demand will be frenzied for college basketball live stream access.

While free options do exist, paid streaming platforms clearly provide the most consistent HD feeds and fullest live game coverage options for die-hard college hoops fans.

By using this guide and pro tips provided, be sure to research and lock-in your college basketball streaming subscriptions early this offseason. Reliable access to all the heart-racing buzzer beaters and March Madness excitement awaits this upcoming NCAA season!

Additional Basketball Streaming Tips

Beyond the core tips outlined earlier, there are some additional best practices worth employing to further enhance your college basketball streaming experience this 2024 season:

Optimize Your Home WiFi Network

Here are some suggestions to ready your home wifi setup for smooth NCAA basketball streaming across multiple devices:

Router Placement: Make sure your router is centralized in your home or apartment rather than hidden in a corner or buried in a closet to ensure strong wifi signals reach your viewing devices.

Update Router Firmware: Check your router admin panel to confirm the latest firmware is installed for peak wifi performance. Outdated software can slow things down.

Enable 5 GHz Band: If available for your router or mesh network, enable the 5GHz band. The 5GHz band delivers faster throughput with less interference than the standard 2.4 Ghz signal. So it’s ideal for 4K sports streaming.

Reboot Your Devices and Router: If experiencing buffering or sluggish streams, try rebooting streaming devices, mobile devices and your router occasionally. A fresh restart helps devices resync cleanly with the wifi signal.

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