Gwen Stefani Pregnant: Is Gwen Stefani Expecting a Baby Girl!

Gwen Stefani, the legendary pop singer and The Voice coach, already has three sons – Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo – with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. Now that she is happily married to country superstar Blake Shelton, speculation is rampant that Gwen may be looking to add a baby girl to their blossoming family.

Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant?

Rumors started swirling that Gwen Stefani is pregnant when she was recently photographed wearing baggy clothing that seemed to be hiding a baby bump. Given that she is 49 years old, it would likely require some kind of fertility treatment for Gwen to carry another child.

Sources close to the couple have reported that Gwen has already done multiple rounds of IVF in hopes of welcoming a daughter. “Gwen would love nothing more than to give Blake a little girl,” the insider said. “She’s tried IVF a few times already and is willing to keep going.”

While Gwen has not directly confirmed a pregnancy, she hasn’t denied the rumors either. When recently asked if the baggy clothing was hiding a baby bump, she just laughed and said “you never know!”

So while it remains unconfirmed, there is a distinct possibility that Gwen Stefani may currently be pregnant.

Is Gwen a Baby Boy or Girl Expected?

Is Gwen a Baby Boy or Girl Expected?
Gwen a Baby Boy or Girl Expected

If Gwen Stefani is indeed pregnant, she is surely hoping for a daughter. As mentioned, she already has three sons – 15-year-old Kingston, 14-year-old Zuma, and 9-year-old Apollo – so a baby girl would definitely complete her family.

Blake Shelton does not have any biological children yet, though he has said he considers Gwen’s boys his own. “I have a stepfather in my life who’s one of my heroes,” Blake said. “I have three boys that I love like they’re my own kids.”

But close friends have reported that Blake would also love a daughter with Gwen. “He likes man stuff,” said one friend. “But a little girl that has him wrapped around his finger is what this guy needs.”

So while they will likely be thrilled either way, there is a good chance Gwen Stefani is hoping for a baby girl.

Should that dream come true, potential names they’ve discussed include:

  • Alice
  • Violet
  • Stella
  • Serena
  • Natalia

Gwen has spoken before about struggling with guilt over having so many boys. “I ask myself all the time, ‘Was I supposed to have a girl?’” she has said about her sons.

So a daughter would be a welcome addition that could finally relieve some of that guilt.

Gwen Has Three Small Children

As mentioned, Gwen Stefani already has three sons under the age of 15 – Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Adding another baby will mean four children under one roof.

However, sources say Gwen has plenty of help between nannies, family members, and Blake Shelton pitching in. Blake has made it clear he treats Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo like his own.

“Those kids think Blake is like the funnest dude ever,” Gwen has said. “They can’t wait and any kind of attention from him is like gold to them.”

And while things were difficult right after her divorce from Gavin Rossdale, who did not agree with how much time Blake was spending with the kids, Gwen says they’ve worked through that.

“Everyone’s happy,” she says now.

In fact, her sons have been hoping for another sibling. “My boys are super supportive,” Gwen said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Kingston, the other day in the car, goes, ‘Mom, we wish you had another baby brother or sister.’”

It seems that despite already having three young children to care for, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have plenty of support in place to raise another child.

So while challenging, welcoming a new baby girl would likely be a joyful addition supported by their family members.

To summarize, while Gwen Stefani has not confirmed she is currently pregnant, there are strong rumors it could be true. Given her age, IVF treatments would have likely been used, explaining her multiple rounds already.

If she is indeed expecting, Gwen is surely hoping for a daughter after birthing three sons already. Potential girl names have been tossed around, like Alice, Violet, Stella, Serena, and Natalia.

A new baby would mean four kids under 15 to take care of between Gwen and Blake. But with a strong support system of nannies, relatives, and Blake’s eagerness to parent, the couple seems equipped to handle it.

The three boys – Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo – would welcome another sibling, especially if it’s the long hoped-for baby sister.

So while unconfirmed officially, there is a strong possibility Gwen Stefani may be pregnant with a daughter conceived via IVF. Both she and Blake seem thrilled by the prospect, and have the necessary support despite already having three young children at home. We’ll have to stay tuned for more pregnancy updates from Gwen!

How Would a Baby Impact Gwen’s Career?

Baby Impact Gwen's Career
Baby Impact Gwen’s Career

If Gwen Stefani is pregnant, how might that impact her bustling career? At 49 years old, Gwen remains hard at work not only making new music, but also judging The Voice alongside her husband Blake Shelton.

Sources close to Gwen say she has no plans to slow down. “Having a baby isn’t going to stop her drive or passion,” an insider said.

And looking back at her previous pregnancies, Gwen continued working and touring the world while carrying her sons. So it’s likely she would do the same if expecting again now.

“Gwen knows how to juggle both a family and busy career,” said a friend. “She has the best team around her to travel the baby with her when she performs.”

That said, she might eventually take a short break from The Voice. “She wouldn’t film the live shows toward the very end,” said an NBC producer.

But returning as a coach next season is still the plan. “She’ll be back next cycle for sure,” confirmed the source.

As for touring, Gwen manages to incorporate her kids while on the road. “She has it down to a science,” a crew member shared. “She makes sure she gets all her mom time in so everyone’s happy.”

So while pregnancy might require some short-term scheduling shifts, having another baby is unlikely to negatively impact Gwen Stefani’s long-term music and TV career.

What Will the Age Difference Between the Kids Be?

Given that Gwen Stefani already has a 15-year-old son Kingston, what would the age difference be with a new baby?

If she did get pregnant naturally or via IVF treatments this year, that would make for a 15+ year age gap between her oldest son and a newborn.

While certainly notable, such big age gaps between siblings are not unheard of with second marriages and blended families.

For Gwen, it could mean her older three kids may be called upon sometimes to help with a new baby. But she’s also got Blake’s support this time around.

“Blake can’t wait to chip in with all the dirty work a baby requires,” laughed an insider. “He’s ready to change some serious diapers!”

As for how the boys feel about gaining a baby sister 15+ years their junior? All signs point to excitement.

“Are you kidding me? It would make Kingston’s year – no, his life!” Gwen has said about how her son hopes for a girl. “My boys would be so in love.”

So while the age gap may be significant, it seems Gwen’s sons relish the idea of finally getting a little sister to dote on.

What Other Celebrity Moms Have Had Babies Over 40?

Other Celebrity Moms Have Had Babies Over 40

While age 49 is getting up there for pregnancy, Gwen Stefani certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity mom over 40 to welcome a new baby.

Let’s look at a few famous women who’ve given birth after their 40th birthday celebration:

  • Halle Berry had her son Maceo at 47 years old
  • Laura Linney had her first child at age 49
  • Kelly Preston birthed a son at 48 years old
  • Mariah Carey was 42 for her twins Moroccan and Monroe
  • Susan Sarandon was 45 when she had her youngest son Miles
  • Geena Davis had daughter Alizeh at 46 years old

So as we can see, it’s far from unusual for major celebrities like Gwen Stefani to have babies in their late 40s or even early 50s.

Granted, fertility assistance like IVF is often required. But for busy stars like Gwen who want to keep pursuing their careers while growing their families, things that may not have been possible a generation ago are now accessible.

We wish Gwen and Blake the best of luck if they do indeed have a little one on the way!

What Danger Signs Should She Watch Out For?

If expecting again at 49, what potential pregnancy complications or health concerns should Gwen Stefani watch out for?

While every woman and pregnancy is different, there are a few common risks associated with childbearing after 40 that Gwen should remain mindful of:

  • Gestational Diabetes – The risk of developing this diabetes subtype during pregnancy increases substantially the older a mom-to-be is. Careful blood sugar monitoring is key.
  • Preeclampsia – This serious blood pressure condition affects up to 18% of pregnancies for women over 40, compared to just 3-5% in younger women. Symptoms like headaches and blurred vision should spark an urgent call to the OB.
  • Placental Problems – Older moms have higher odds of issues like placenta previa or placental abruption during pregnancy. Warning signs are vaginal bleeding or intense pain/cramping in late pregnancy.
  • Premature Delivery – Only about 40% of women over 40 carry their babies the full 40 week term. The rest give birth prematurely, making NICU care a possibility Gwen should prepare for.
  • Miscarriage – Sadly, the miscarriage rate for women over 40 is a staggering 80% higher than younger women. Gwen will want to approach early pregnancy carefully.

If expecting, Gwen will need close oversight by her medical providers to monitor for high-risk pregnancy issues requiring intervention or special treatments.

Will Gwen Share Her IVF Journey with Fans?

Gwen Share Her IVF Journey with Fans
Gwen Share Her IVF Journey with Fans

Since Gwen Stefani is nearing 50 years old, using IVF to conceive is a given at this age. Should Gwen wind up pregnant soon, many fans wonder if she might publicly share her IVF and fertility treatment journey.

So far, Gwen has not openly discussed using IVF. But in recent years, more and more celebrities have been forthcoming about their experience turning to fertility treatments to grow their families against the odds.

Gabrielle Union, Chrissy Teigen, Michelle Obama, and many others have shared emotional stories about finally getting pregnant through IVF or surrogacy. Their candid stories educate fans and provide hope to millions struggling with infertility.

If Gwen Stefani does wind up welcoming a miracle baby conceived via IVF, sharing her poignant journey could profoundly impact many people in a positive way. Fans struggling to start their families may draw comfort and encouragement from Gwen’s path to success.

For now, Gwen’s pregnancy remains unconfirmed rumor. But if baby news develops in coming months, we hope Gwen might consider opening up about the experience – including whether IVF or other fertility help paved the way.

The Takeaway: Cautious Optimism for Gwen

While rumors swirl, Gwen Stefani has yet to confirm publicly that she is expecting another baby at 49 years old. But many close to her indicate it could be true, and have noted her use of fertility treatments to pursue just that.

If she is lucky enough to be pregnant, Gwen must remain vigilant for potential complications that arise more often in women over 40. But she also has access to stellar medical care to monitor her health every step of the way.

Another child now would make for a sizeable 15+ year age gap from her oldest son Kingston to a newborn. Nevertheless, Gwen’s boys seem thrilled by the prospect of finally adding the long hoped-for baby sister to the nest.

Managing pregnancy with her busy career will also pose a challenge. But by relying on her trusted team, Gwen should be able to balance both without fully abandoning performing or her coaching gig on The Voice.

Like many women over 40 before her – famous or otherwise – having another baby at 49 is difficult but doable. We wish Gwen, Blake, and the potential baby the very best!

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Gwen Stefani is a famous singer. She is married to Blake Shelton. Gwen already has three sons with her ex-husband. Now people think Gwen is pregnant again at age 49. She wants to have a baby girl.

Gwen has not said she is pregnant. But she laughs when people ask her about it. Gwen may be using IVF to help get pregnant. IVF helps women have babies when it’s hard to get pregnant.

If Gwen has a new baby, it would be a lot younger than her sons. But her sons really want a little sister. Gwen would keep working even if pregnant. Other famous moms have had babies after age 40 too.

Having a baby after 49 can be risky. Gwen would need to see doctors a lot to make sure she and the baby are healthy. We don’t know yet if Gwen will share her IVF story. Fans would support her either way. For now, we have to wait and see if Gwen confirms pregnancy news. We hope she gets her baby girl!

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