How Old Are The BTS Members? (2024 Updated)

BTS, short for Bangtan Boys, is arguably the biggest K-pop band in the world right now. This 7-member South Korean group has taken the world by storm with their catchy music, stylish fashion, and infectious energy. As the band continues to break records across the globe, fans are curious to know – how old are the BTS members in 2024?

In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the current age of each BTS member along with their birthdays, Korean ages, and more fun facts about the ages of the Bangtan Boys. Read on to learn all about Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook’s ages!

An Introduction to the Global Phenomenon that is BTS

BTS made their debut in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea. The group is composed of 7 talented young men – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Together, they create catchy Korean pop music that incorporates hip hop, R&B, electronica and rock influences.

Over the past decade, BTS has completely taken over the world of music. They have broken countless records, including being the first Korean act to reach #1 on the Billboard charts and the fastest group to earn 4 US number one albums since The Beatles. The band has performed in sold-out stadiums around the world and has a gigantic global fanbase called the “BTS Army”.

In the United States especially, BTS has massive popularity. They have won numerous American music awards, performed on shows like the Grammys, Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show, and even met with the President at the White House. It’s clear that BTS’s success, fame and influence have gone far beyond just South Korea.

Current Ages of All 7 BTS Members

Current Ages of All 7 BTS Members

Now that we’ve covered some background on the band, let’s look at the question on everyone’s mind – how old are the Bangtan Boys in 2024?

Here are the current ages of the BTS members, from oldest to youngest:

BTS MemberCurrent AgeDate of Birth
Jin31 years oldDecember 4, 1992
Suga30 years oldMarch 9, 1993
J-Hope30 years oldFebruary 18, 1994
RM29 years oldSeptember 12, 1994
Jimin28 years oldOctober 13, 1995
V28 years oldDecember 30, 1995
Jungkook26 years oldSeptember 1, 1997

As you can see, the BTS members range from age 25 to 31 presently. The age gap between the oldest and youngest member is 6 years.

Ages of BTS Members in Korean Age System

South Korea has a unique way of determining a person’s age known as the Korean age system. In this system, every newborn baby is considered 1 year old at birth, and everyone gains a year on New Year’s Day.

Using the Korean age system, the BTS members’ ages are:

  • Jin – 33 years old
  • Suga – 32 years old
  • J-Hope – 31 years old
  • RM – 31 years old
  • Jimin – 30 years old
  • V – 30 years old
  • Jungkook – 28 years old

So in Korea, Jin and Suga would be considered to be in their early 30s, while Jungkook is in his late 20s. This is different from the international age system where Jungkook is 25 years old.

Ages of BTS Members When They Debuted in 2013

Let’s go back in time to 2013 when BTS first debuted and look at how old the members were then:

  • Jin – 20 years old
  • Suga – 20 years old
  • J-Hope – 19 years old
  • RM – 18 years old
  • Jimin – 17 years old
  • V – 17 years old
  • Jungkook – 15 years old

RM, Suga and J-Hope were scouted by BigHit and trained for years before debuting. The other 4 members joined closer to BTS’s debut date. At the time of their debut, the age range of the band was 15-20 years old.

A Spotlight on Each BTS Member, Their Age and Background

Now let’s take a deeper look at each BTS member and learn more about their age as well as their background:

Jin – The Oldest Member at Age 31


Kim Seokjin, known as Jin, was born on December 4, 1992. He is 31 years old by international age and 33 in Korea. Jin grew up in Anyang and was scouted by SM Entertainment but didn’t join. He later joined Big Hit and debuted with BTS in 2013 at age 20. As the oldest member, Jin brings a sense of maturity and takes care of the other members.

Suga – Second Oldest at Age 30


Min Yoongi, known as Suga, was born on March 9, 1993. He is 30 internationally and 32 in Korea. Suga is from Daegu and was an underground rapper before joining Big Hit as a producer and trainee. He is known for his rapid-fire rapping, songwriting and producing skills.

J-Hope – Full of Hope at Age 29


Jung Hoseok, known as J-Hope, was born on February 18, 1994. He is 29 internationally and 31 in Korean age. J-Hope is from Gwangju and was part of an underground dance team. He later joined Big Hit as a rapper and trainee. J-Hope brings a cheerful energy to the group and is the main dancer.

RM – Leader and Rapper at Age 28


Kim Namjoon, known as RM, was born on September 12, 1994. He is 28 internationally and 31 in Korea. RM is from Ilsan and was an underground rapper before becoming BTS’s first member and leader. He is known for his deep lyricism and rapping skills.

Jimin – Lead Vocalist at Age 27


Park Jimin was born on October 13, 1995. He is 27 years old. Jimin grew up in Busan and studied dance at Busan High School of Arts before joining Big Hit. He is the lead vocalist and contemporary dancer of BTS. Jimin has an angelic voice and fluid dance moves.

V – Singer and Dancer at Age 27


Kim Taehyung, known as V, was born on December 30, 1995. He is also 27 years old. V is from Daegu and joined Big Hit after auditioning without any training. He has a very unique, soulful voice and unusual singing style. V is also a skilled dancer in the group.

Jungkook – The Golden Maknae at Age 25


Jeon Jungkook is the youngest BTS member born on September 1, 1997. He is 25 international age and 28 in Korea. Jungkook was born in Busan and auditioned for Superstar K before joining Big Hit. Known as the ‘golden maknae’, Jungkook is the main vocalist, lead dancer and rapper of BTS. He is extremely talented in singing, dancing and rapping.

The Verdict: BTS Members’ Age Range and Fun Facts

In summary, here are some key takeaways about the BTS members’ ages:

  • The age range is from 25 to 31 years old currently.
  • The oldest member is Jin at 31 years old.
  • The youngest member is Jungkook at 25 years old.
  • Using the Korean age system, their ages range from 28 to 33 years old.
  • When they debuted in 2013, their age range was 15-20 years old.
  • The average age of the group is about 28 years old.
  • The age gap between the oldest and youngest member is 6 years.

It’s amazing to see the talent and maturity of BTS, especially considering some members like Jungkook were only teenagers when they debuted. With the hyung (older brother) and dongsaeng (younger brother) system in Korean culture, the older BTS members certainly help guide the younger ones.

The Future is Bright for BTS and Their Fans

Based on their ages currently, it seems like BTS is still quite young with many more years ahead as a group. Their future looks very bright, especially since they have continued breaking new records and finding success year after year.

As the members grow older, they will likely continue maturing in their music, vocal abilities, dance skills, songwriting and much more. With their tight brotherly bond and rapport with each other, BTS is sure to go far. Their popularity among teens and adults all over the world also shows no signs of waning.

BTS has mentioned they plan to stay together as a group for many more years. So fans can certainly look forward to lots more new music, concerts, achievements and joy from BTS as the guys enter their late 20s and early 30s.

It will be exciting to see how BTS and their ARMY continue to evolve together as the Bangtan Boys grow both older and wiser!

A Deeper Dive into BTS Members’ Ages and Accomplishments

While we’ve covered the basics about each BTS member’s age, let’s go into more detail about what they have achieved so far at their current ages. This will give a better idea of how talented and successful BTS has become in such a short time.

Jin’s Accolades at Age 31

As BTS’s oldest member at 31 (international age), Jin has come a long way from being scouted on the streets at age 20 to now becoming a globally-renowned pop idol. Some of Jin’s accomplishments so far include:

  • Releasing 2 solo tracks, “Awake” and “Epiphany”
  • Having over 100 song credits as a lyricist and composer
  • Starring in Korean TV dramas like “Jirisan”
  • Named one of TC Candler’s Most Handsome Faces
  • Ranking in the Top 10 on TC Candler’s Most Handsome Men list (2020)
  • Named Best Idol Actor at 2020 Asia Artist Awards
  • Charted on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart

With his visuals, vocals and acting skills, Jin has built quite an impressive portfolio already at 31. His maturity and confidence as the eldest member serves him well.

Suga’s Success at Age 30

At just age 30 internationally, Suga has made major waves in the global music industry as both an idol and a producer. Highlights so far include:

  • Producing and writing over 100 songs with BTS and for his solo work
  • Releasing 2 chart-topping solo albums as Agust D
  • Hit #1 on iTunes in over 70 countries with debut mixtape
  • Named Variety magazine’s Hitmaker of the Year (2020)
  • Received the Cultural Merit Medal from the Korean government
  • Has 10+ Korean Music Awards for songwriting
  • First Korean artist to reach #1 on US Artist 100 chart (2020)

With his sharp songwriting skills and ability to swing between rapping and singing, Suga’s musical talents have made him a force to be reckoned with at only 30 years old.

J-Hope’s Journey to Age 29

As BTS’s lead dancer and rapper, J-Hope has showcased outstanding skills on the global stage, especially for someone who is only 29 internationally. He has achieved:

  • Released solo album “Hope World” that topped global charts
  • Named one of the best dancers in K-pop by critics
  • Received awards for dance skills including Best Dancer at Soompi Awards
  • Artistically directed BTS’s choreography for “Boy With Luv”
  • Featured on songs with Becky G, Charli XCX and more
  • Ambassador for Korean tourism
  • Creative director for BTS Universe storyline
  • Has written/composed 70+ songs for BTS

With his all-around talents in dance, rap and music production, J-Hope has made major impact at just age 29 that speaks to his early potential.

RM’s Record of Success at 28

As the leader and main rapper of BTS at age 28 internationally, RM has led the group to global heights with his skills. His achievements so far include:

  • First Korean soloist to chart on Hot 100 (2020)
  • Named TIME magazine’s Leader of the Next Generation
  • Listed as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia
  • Was the youngest recipient of the Korea Youth Award
  • Ambassador for multiple brands like FILA, Samsung, Louis Vuitton
  • First K-pop artist to speak at United Nations (2018)
  • Has over 170 songwriting/production credits
  • Fluent in English and conversational in Japanese
  • Studied in New Zealand as a teen

With his intelligence, lyricism and leadership capabilities, RM has become a guiding force for BTS’s success and activism all by age 28.

Jimin’s Rise to Fame at 27

Jimin is BTS’s lead vocalist and main contemporary dancer who has wowed audiences globally with his talent at only 27 years old. His accomplishments so far include:

  • Billboard Hot 100 hit with “Friends” with V (2020)
  • Broke YouTube record for most viewed premiere with “Serendipity”
  • Won Best Male Dance Artist at Genie Music Awards
  • Named Most Famous K-Pop Idol in 2020 survey
  • Has released 3 solo tracks – Lie, Serendipity and Promise
  • Featured on tracks with Charli XCX and Benny Blanco
  • Was accepted to Busan High School of Arts as top dance student
  • Has helped compose and write lyrics for over 60 songs

With both singing and dancing prowess, Jimin has proven his skills internationally at his young age of 27.

V’s Unique Artistry at 27

As one of the vocalists of BTS, V has developed a unique artistic identity at 27 years old that draws global crowds. He has:

  • Charted solo tracks “Sweet Night” and “Christmas Tree”
  • Named Most Handsome Man of 2021 by Starmometer
  • Won Best OST with “Sweet Night” at 2020 Melon Music Awards
  • Popularized “V Cut” hair trend globally
  • Created visual concepts for BTS MVs and tours
  • Launched Vlogue video project on social media
  • Art direction and photography for BTS content
  • Studied saxophone and acting as a teen
  • Roles in K-Dramas like Hwarang

With his soulful voice, original visuals and acting background, V brings an artistic flair to BTS at the young age of 27.

Jungkook’s Golden Touch at 25

As BTS’s ‘golden maknae’, Jungkook has leveraged his many talents at the incredibly young age of 25 internationally. His successes so far include:

  • Has released multiple solo tracks like “Euphoria” and “My Time”
  • Became only solo K-pop artist ever to debut at #1 on World Digital Song Sales (2020)
  • Named Most Loved Idol of the Year multiple times
  • Incredible dance skills honed since childhood
  • Main vocalist capable of hitting high and low ranges
  • Also raps, produces, and writes for BTS
  • Directed MV for “Love is Not Over”
  • Has set records as the youngest K-pop idol to achieve various milestones

As the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook’s level of talent and popularity at 25 years old is extremely impressive.

BTS Members’ Ages Offer Unique Perspectives

BTS Members' Ages Offer Unique Perspectives
BTS Members’ Ages Offer Unique Perspectives

One interesting aspect of BTS’s wide age range is that it allows the members to offer varied perspectives in their music and artistry. For example:

  • The older hyungs like Jin and Suga bring wisdom and maturity.
  • The energetic maknae Jungkook appeals to youthful fans.
  • Members in their mid to late 20s like Jimin and J-Hope balance both sides.

Combine this with their different backgrounds – underground rappers like Suga, talented dancers like Jimin and Jungkook, naturally artistic souls like V, and so on – and the result is a diverse group that resonates across ages.

BTS’s music reflects this blend of ages too. Their early lyrical themes were more youthful and angsty. But recent albums have taken on deeper ideas like mental health, self-love, spirituality and society.

As the members grow older, fans can expect their artistry to evolve and also represent their changing views. For now, having hyungs and maknaes together gives BTS multi-generational appeal.

How Members’ Ages Shape BTS Dynamics

BTS’s close-knit “family” dynamic stems partially from Korean culture but also from the mix of older and younger members. Here’s how the ages shape their brotherly bond:

  • Older members naturally mentor younger ones like hyungs. For example, Jin helps cook for Jungkook.
  • Younger members show respect for older members, like referring to them courteously.
  • Hyungs are protective of maknaes. Suga cares deeply for Jungkook.
  • Members take on familial roles – RM is the Appa (dad), Jin is Eomma (mom).
  • Members comfort and care for each other through challenges.
  • Hyungs guide maknaes but also let them shine.

Having this blend of hyungs and dongsaengs results in endearing teamwork and brotherhood. It allows members to mentor each other and promotes humility and gratitude. The BTS brotherly bond delights fans worldwide.

As BTS grows up together, fans anticipate they will continue leaning on each other. They set goals as a team, whether pursuing artistry, breaking records or impacting the world.

Impact of Members Aging Together

Impact of Members Aging Together
Impact of Members Aging Together

Since BTS members are aging at a similar pace in the same stage of life, it creates a powerful shared journey. They understand the challenges each other face as 20-somethings growing up in the limelight.

  • Members evolving together allows natural growth as artists.
  • Getting older together means they value time as a group.
  • Shared youth and success deepens their bond through ups and downs.
  • They set an example for young fans maturing alongside BTS.
  • Members explore adulthood together – careers, identity, relationships.

If BTS members had drastically different ages, it may be harder to stay unified. But since their formative years overlap, they are deeply connected through experiencing life’s phases together.

Watching BTS thrive together as they grow older demonstrates how shared life stages can create strong bonds. The members aging together is part of what makes their brotherhood so precious.

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What is the real age of BTS?

The members of BTS range from age 25 to 31 years old currently. Jin is the oldest at 31, while Jungkook is the youngest at 25.

Who is the oldest person in BTS?

Jin is the oldest member of BTS at 31 years old. He was born on December 4, 1992.

Does JK have a wife?

No, Jungkook (aka JK) does not have a wife. He is currently single and has said his current focus is on his music career with BTS.

Who is born in October in BTS?

Jimin is the only BTS member born in October. His birthday is October 13, 1995, and he is currently 27 years old.

Final Words

BTS members currently range from age 25-31, with Jin as the oldest and Jungkook as the youngest. Using the Korean age system, their ages range from 28-33. The members’ different ages shape their music, appeal, and team dynamics. Older members mentor younger ones leading to tight brotherly bonds. 

Their shared journey of aging together through their 20s also strengthens BTS. As the members grow older, fans anticipate their continued artistic evolution and success. Overall, BTS’s mix of ages contributes to their diversity and global popularity.

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