Ice Spice Siblings: Meet the Family of the Buss It Challenge Queen

Ice Spice has quickly become one of the hottest new names in rap, thanks to her viral hit “Buss It” and collaborations with major stars. But behind this rising hip hop artist’s success is a close-knit family that keeps her grounded. Get the inside scoop on Ice Spice’s supportive siblings and parents, and how they inspire her music.

Introducing Charina and Joseph – The Parents Who Raised a Star

Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Naija Gaston, was born on January 1, 2000 in the Bronx, New York. Her parents are Charina Almanzar and Joseph Gaston.

Charina was just 17 years old when she gave birth to Ice Spice. But with the help of her own parents and cousins, she worked hard to raise her daughter right. Though young, Charina instilled strong values in Ice Spice and encouraged her talents. She remains a role model for her daughter, who calls her a “baddie” and proudly shares photos on Instagram.

Joseph Gaston has also heavily influenced Ice Spice’s path towards music stardom. An underground rapper himself who goes by JG, Joseph inspired Ice Spice growing up by letting her listen to his own songs and visit his recording studio. This early exposure to hip hop from her own father led Ice Spice to hone her own skills as a rapper.

Joseph also took the time to educate his daughter on the origins and culture of hip hop, teaching her knowledge that makes her writing more authentic. Though he is not mainstream, Joseph imparted the realities of the rap world to prepare his little girl.

Now that she has blown up, her parents remain proud supporters. Joseph often shares Ice Spice’s major accomplishments on social media, beaming as a father at his daughter’s success. Though they split up when she was young, both parents provided the foundation for their talented daughter to shine.

Ice Spice’s Siblings: Her Built-In Hype Squad

In addition to her parents, Ice Spice can always count on her siblings for love and support. As the eldest of 5 children, Ice Spice has set an example for her 4 younger siblings who look up to her.

Her only brother Joey is a football player at Iona Prep in New York, playing quarterback with dreams of going pro. Ice Spice never misses one of Joey’s high school games, cheering him on in the stands. Though he plays a different sport, Joey understands the dedication it takes and advises Ice Spice as she navigates her own music career. He provides a listening ear as her big brother.

Her sister Jada could almost be mistaken for Ice Spice’s twin. The second oldest sister has her own YouTube channel where she posts makeup and fashion content as a beauty influencer. Jada also shares her sense of style on TikTok, collaborating on videos with her famous big sis. They rock coordinated outfits and support each other’s ventures.

Middle sister Jayden shares Ice Spice’s flair for performance. She is a talented singer and dancer in her own right, often joining Ice Spice on stage to provide backup. Jayden also posts cover songs and dancing videos on under her own name, showing off her energetic personality.

Baby sister Jazzy rounds out the siblings. As the youngest, Jazzy adores and looks up to Ice Spice as a role model. This little sister is already stepping into the spotlight herself doing some modeling and acting in TV commercials. Ice Spice is there to provide advice as Jazzy takes her first steps into the entertainment industry.

No matter how big of a star Ice Spice becomes, her siblings will always keep her grounded. Their unbreakable bonds push her to work harder and motivate her to be a good example.

How Family Bonds Keep Ice Spice Grounded?

Family Bonds Keep Ice Spice Grounded
Family Bonds Keep Ice Spice Grounded

While sudden fame often goes to artists’ heads, Ice Spice has remained remarkably down to earth and humble thanks to her close family. No matter how many hits she lands or dollars she earns, her relatives keep her rooted in her Bronx beginnings.

As a tight-knit unit, Ice Spice’s family provides a crucial support system as she navigates the pressures of fame. She knows that no matter what happens with her career, her siblings and parents will always be there for her. Their unconditional love and guidance keep Ice Spice working hard but not losing herself.

Rather than grow jealous of their megastar sister and daughter, Ice Spice’s family instead serves as inspiration. Her siblings collaborate with her on creating content and even performing. Jada joins TikTok duets while Jayden dances on stage at her concerts. They share in Ice Spice’s success rather than compete against it.

Even as she blows up, her parents instill humility, reminding Ice Spice of her roots. Their wisdom and life lessons ensure Ice Spice takes nothing for granted and stays true to herself. With their nurturing, she can enjoy her achievements without arrogance.

This close family circle provides the strength Ice Spice needs to tune out the haters and drama that often come with the spotlight. No matter what, her siblings and parents build her up rather than tear her down. That support makes all the difference.

Inside Ice Spice and Her Sisters’ Matching Fashion Sense

Beyond just emotional support, Ice Spice’s siblings provide collaboration opportunities that excite her fans. In particular, her sisters Jada and Jayden share her bold fashion sense, often rocking coordinated outfits together.

On the red carpet and around town, Ice Spice and Jada pair up glamorous designer looks as the oldest sisters. In posts, they pose in matching crop tops, miniskirts, leather pants, and colorful furs that turn heads. Fans love seeing their twinning style.

But the younger siblings like to get in on the action too. Middle sis Jayden will match her hair, makeup and clothes to coordinate with Ice Spice at events for the full sister squad look. Even little Jazzy has been known to mirror her big sister’s streetwear fashion in social media photos.

Ice Spice never feels alone when her three sisters have her back, even stylistically. Their shared flair for fashion creates awesome content when they collaborate on looks. From nails to jewelry, hairstyles and shades, the sisters define coordinated style goals while showing off their family bond.

Ice Spice Supports Her Siblings’ Pursuits Too

Ice Spice Supports Her Siblings
Ice Spice Supports Her Siblings

While her siblings cheer on Ice Spice’s rapping, she returns the favor by championing their own endeavors as well. As the first in the family to hit it big, she uses her platform to hype up her brother and sisters too.

Ice Spice makes sure to share photos and videos from Joey’s high school football games, clapping in the stands when he scores as a proud sister. She knows firsthand how amazing it feels to have a close family member believe in your talents and want you to succeed.

The singer also pops up in Jada’s YouTube videos, doing her makeup and modeling her fashion looks to help draw more subscribers. Ice Spice wants to repay Jada for doing the same in her early days of posting content.

You may even catch Ice Spice making a cameo in one of Jayden’s TikTok dances, showing off her little sister’s choreography. Their joint videos showcase Jayden’s own artistry to new audiences.

While Jazzy is still young, Ice Spice takes every chance to hype up her baby sister’s big modeling breaks and commercial appearances. She gives Jazzy a major confidence boost just as her family once did for her.

True to her loyal nature, Ice Spice uses her fame to open doors for her talented siblings too.

The Importance of Family: Ice Spice’s Success Secret

When asked about the key to her domination of the rap game at such a young age, Ice Spice always comes back to one thing – her family. Even as media attention and accolades come rolling in, she never loses sight of her closest supporters.

Ice Spice reflects often on how her relatives keep her motivated on difficult days when she feels like giving up. One look at her siblings’ smiling faces reminds the star why she works so hard – to make her family proud.

And during exciting moments like shooting her first music video or headlining a sold-out show, Ice Spice wishes her parents and siblings could be there alongside her to share those memories. Without them by her side on this journey, her achievements would feel empty.

Her family also provides artistic inspiration for Ice Spice’s songwriting. She often pens lyrics reflecting on childhood memories with her siblings, from funny stories to their unbreakable bond. Those real-life moments add authentic heart to her music.

No matter how far her career takes her, Ice Spice stays true to her family first. Their unconditional love and support keep this rising artist grounded as she reaches for new heights. Ice Spice knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without her siblings and parents cheering her on every step of the way.

A Peek Inside Ice Spice’s Humble Bronx Beginnings

Long before she was selling out shows, Ice Spice grew up in the Bronx with her tight-knit family. She was born Isis Naija Gaston and raised in the New York borough with her siblings by hard-working parents.

In interviews, Ice Spice opens up about her modest childhood in the Bronx neighborhoods of Morris Heights and Highbridge. Alongside her brothers and sisters, she experienced the realities of making ends meet but also the richness of family bonds.

Growing up, the siblings shared clothes, toys and bedrooms in their cramped apartment. Home videos show them turning living rooms into dance floors, joke telling at the dinner table, and imaginary play.

Ice Spice credits her early years in the diverse, bustling Bronx with shaping her hustler spirit and street smarts. She saw family and neighbors work multiple jobs to support each other and build community.

The Bronx’s hip hop roots also influenced Ice Spice creatively. She recalls first listening to her dad’s rap tapes and seeing graffiti art on train cars. By high school, she was absorbed in the world of rap battles and freestyling with friends.

So while Ice Spice could now live anywhere she chooses, she stays loyal to her home borough. It’s not just where she came from – for Ice Spice, the Bronx made her who she is as a person and artist. Her upbringing keeps her grounded.

How Fatherhood Shaped Joseph Gaston’s Underground Rap Career

Ice Spice’s father Joseph Gaston discovered hip hop as a teen growing up in Harlem and the South Bronx in the 1970s. He felt an instant connection to rapping as a form of self-expression and storytelling for his generation.

Joseph began performing under the name JG on the underground hip hop scene. He frequented house parties and battles to showcase his skills. For a time he even joined a local rap group called Street Nation.

But once Joseph began raising a family, priorities shifted. He took a hiatus from rapping to provide steady income through construction work. Being a present, responsible father took precedence.

Still, Joseph never lost his passion for hip hop. Once his kids were old enough, he shared his love of rhyming, beats and wordplay. His studio became a place for quality bonding time.

JG returned to releasing his own music with a fresh perspective. His songs now featured lyrical themes of fatherhood, being a role model, and guiding the next generation.

While fame eluded him, Joseph Gaston’s art remains a gift. By passing down hip hop knowledge and skills to Ice Spice, he helped launch her career. Supporting his daughter’s dreams is the greatest success.

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Inside Jada and Jayden’s Early Days Building Their Brands

Ice Spice’s sisters Jada and Jayden demonstrate how creative talents often run in families. In their early teen years, the girls already began laying the groundwork to find their own success.

Second oldest sister Jada launched her popular YouTube channel at just 15 years old in 2017. Her makeup tutorials and outfit lookbooks quickly gained traction with fans.

Jada shared personal stories and insights along with beauty tips to build a connection with viewers. Her bubbly personality made followers feel like friends. Sponsorships and PR gifts soon followed.

Around the same time, middle sister Jayden carved out her niche as a performer. She opened a account to showcase singing covers and freestyle dance videos.

Fans praised the then-12-year-old’s silky smooth vocals and natural rhythm. When became TikTok, Jayden leaned into dance challenges and collabs.

Jada and Jayden gained attention on their own merit, separate from big sister Ice Spice. But their initiative inspired Ice Spice to work hard on her music so she could catch up.

Now with two influencers and one rising musician in the family, this trio of talented sisters supports each other in leveling up their brands. Their joint content always impresses.

Joey’s Football Stardom Parallels Ice Spice’s Rap Dreams

Ice Spice's Rap Dreams
Ice Spice’s Rap Dreams

While Ice Spice rules as the queen of rap, her brother Joey dominates the football field – another ambitious dreamer with a bright future.

Joey excelled at football from a young age, following the footsteps of idols like Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson. His parents signed him up for youth leagues, and he practiced religiously.

By high school, Joey earned the starting quarterback job at Iona Prep. He racked up big passing yards and touchdowns, earning all-conference honors. Recruiters took notice of his elite arm strength and field vision.

Much like his sister, Joey now balances school and sports with a budding career. He inks endorsement deals with major brands like Nike and Under Armour.

Both siblings know the demands of their passions take sacrifice. Joey trains year-round; Ice Spice spends countless hours in the studio. They motivate each other to power through.

With college scouts watching his games, Joey stays focused on the next level athletically and academically. He sets a strong example of striving to be your best self.

As their stars continue rising, Joey and Ice Spice lean on each other for support. Their parallel journeys make success that much sweeter.

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Does Ice Spice have siblings?

Yes, Ice Spice has 4 younger siblings – brother Joey and sisters Jada, Jayden, and Jazzy.

Is Ice Spice Cardi B sister?

No, Ice Spice is not related to Cardi B. They are two different rappers.

What is ice spices full name?

Ice Spice’s full name is Isis Naija Gaston.

Who is Joseph Gaston?

Joseph Gaston is Ice Spice’s father. He is an underground rapper who performs under the name JG.


Ice Spice has skyrocketed to fame with her viral hit “Buss It” and collabs with top artists. But the rising rap queen stays humble, thanks to her loving family. Her parents Charina and Joseph, siblings Joey, Jada, Jayden and Jazzy, and Bronx upbringing keep Ice Spice grounded. Though young, Ice Spice remembers her roots as she achieves stardom. 

Her relatives provide inspiration and serve as role models. Ice Spice’s career shows that family support is crucial to success. With their nurturing love, she can soar to the top while staying true to herself. For Ice Spice, family comes first.

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