Zack Martin’s Wife Morgan Eifert is Tight End Tyler Eifert’s Sister

In the world of professional football, the names Eifert and Martin carry significant weight. Morgan Eifert, the wife of Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Zack Martin, is no stranger to the spotlight – not only for her own accomplishments but also for her familial ties to the gridiron.

As fate would have it, Morgan’s older brother, Tyler, carved his own path in the NFL as a tight end for teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars. This unique connection between the Eifert siblings and their respective partners has captivated fans, making their story one of perseverance, love, and a shared passion for the game.

In this article, we’ll delve into the lives of Morgan and Zack, exploring their journey from college sweethearts to proud parents, all while navigating the demands of professional sports and personal aspirations.

Morgan Eifert is an Indiana Native – What’s Her Birthday? 

Born on October 22, 1992, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Morgan was raised in a tight-knit family with deep roots in the Hoosier State. Her parents, Julie Burns Eifert and Gregory “Greg” Eifert, both attended Purdue University and instilled a love for sports in their children from an early age.

Morgan Eifert Education 

Following in her parents’ footsteps, Morgan graduated from Purdue University in 2015 with a degree in Elementary Education. Before that, she attended the prestigious Bishop Dwenger High School, a private Catholic institution in Fort Wayne.

Has Three Siblings – All of Them Are Athletes 

Morgan’s athletic genes run strong in her family. Her older brother, Tyler, is a former NFL tight end who played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars. Meanwhile, her younger brother Grady played basketball at Purdue, and the youngest sibling, Griffin, is a wide receiver for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.


Growing up in a household filled with competitive spirits and athletic prowess, it’s no surprise that Morgan found herself drawn to the world of sports. Imagine the backyard games and family competitions that must have taken place, fueling their passion for physical activities from a young age.

Morgan and Zack Got Married 

Morgan and Zack Got Married 
Morgan and Zack Got Married 

In 2016 On July 2, 2016, Morgan and Zack Martin said their “I dos” in a private ceremony at the Fort Wayne Country Club. The couple had been dating for years, keeping their relationship relatively low-key until they decided to tie the knot in front of their closest friends and family.

How Did They Fall In Love? 

Their love story began when Zack was a junior at Notre Dame and happened to be roommates with Morgan’s brother, Tyler. As Zack frequently visited the Eifert household, he and Morgan grew closer, eventually sparking a romantic connection after she graduated high school.

Example of Personal Flair Can you imagine the ribbing Zack must have endured from his roommate and future brother-in-law when he first started dating Morgan? I can picture Tyler giving him a hard time, reminding him to treat his sister right – all in good fun, of course.

Morgan Eifert Has Two Children with Her Husband Zack Martin 

Morgan Eifert Has Two Children
Morgan Eifert Has Two Children

In March 2019, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Charles Richard “Charlie” Martin. Zack proudly announced the arrival of their 9-pound, 4-ounce bundle of joy on Instagram, praising his wife’s strength throughout the delivery.

Nearly two years later, in February 2021, the Martin family grew once again with the birth of their daughter, Remi Ann. This time, Zack shared an adorable photo of big brother Charlie holding his baby sister, melting the hearts of fans worldwide.

What Does Eifert Do? 

These days, Morgan’s primary focus is on her role as a devoted mother to Charlie and Remi. With two young children at home, she likely has her hands full with the daily duties and responsibilities of parenthood.

Bullet Point List of Potential Career Paths

  • While Morgan studied Elementary Education, it’s uncertain if she pursued a teaching career
  • She may have taken a break from the workforce to raise her family
  • Or perhaps she’s exploring other professional avenues that align with her interests and skills

Balancing Family and Football 

Being married to an NFL star like Zack Martin certainly comes with its challenges, especially when it comes to balancing family life and the demanding football schedule.

During the season, Zack is often away for games and practices, leaving Morgan to hold down the fort at home. But with the support of her family and Zack’s unwavering dedication, they’ve found a way to make it work.

Keeping Their Personal Life Private 

Unlike many other NFL wives and girlfriends (WAGs), Morgan has chosen to keep a relatively low profile. She’s not one to flaunt her personal life on social media or seek attention from the press.

This decision to maintain privacy speaks volumes about her character and priorities. In a world where so many crave the spotlight, Morgan’s focus remains on her family and living life on her own terms.

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Morgan’s Influence on Zack’s Career 

Morgan's Influence on Zack's Career 
Morgan’s Influence on Zack’s Career 

While Morgan may stay out of the limelight, her presence and support undoubtedly play a crucial role in Zack’s successful NFL career.

Having a strong, grounded partner to come home to after the grueling demands of professional football can make all the difference. Morgan’s unwavering love and the stability she provides off the field likely contribute to Zack’s peak performance on it.

The Eifert Family Legacy 

The Eifert name has become synonymous with athletic excellence in Indiana. Morgan’s father, Greg, played basketball at Purdue under the legendary coach Gene Keady, laying the foundation for his children’s future in sports.

Example Imagine the countless hours Greg spent in the driveway, passing on his love for the game to his kids. Those early experiences likely ignited the competitive fire that would eventually lead Morgan’s brothers to successful careers in football and basketball.

Tyler Eifert’s Influence on Morgan 

As the eldest sibling, Tyler’s journey to the NFL undoubtedly inspired Morgan and her younger brothers. Witnessing his dedication, hard work, and perseverance firsthand must have instilled a deep respect for the sacrifices required to reach the pinnacle of one’s sport.

A Tight-Knit Family Support System 

Throughout their respective athletic endeavors, the Eifert siblings have remained a tight-knit unit, supporting and encouraging one another every step of the way. From Morgan’s early days cheering on Tyler to now celebrating her husband Zack’s accomplishments, family has been the bedrock of their success.

Navigating the Spotlight 

While Morgan may prefer to stay out of the public eye, being part of an NFL family inevitably comes with a certain level of attention and scrutiny. Maintaining a sense of normalcy and grounding amidst the constant media spotlight can be a challenge, but one that Morgan seems to handle with grace and poise.

Giving Back to the Community 

Despite their fame and success, the Martin-Eifert family remains committed to giving back to the communities that have supported them. Whether through charitable initiatives, youth outreach programs, or using their platform to raise awareness for important causes, they understand the power of their influence and strive to make a positive impact.

Embracing Fort Wayne’s Sports Culture 

Embracing Fort Wayne's Sports Culture 
Embracing Fort Wayne’s Sports Culture 

As natives of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Morgan and her family have undoubtedly embraced the city’s rich sports culture. From high school rivalries to college allegiances, the bonds formed through shared experiences and team camaraderie run deep in this tight-knit community.

Morgan’s Role as a Mother and Mentor 

With her own children now entering the world, Morgan has the opportunity to pass on the values and lessons she learned growing up in an athletic family. From instilling a love for physical activity to teaching the importance of perseverance and teamwork, her experiences will shape the next generation of Eiferts (and Martins).

Maintaining Tradition and Cultural Roots 

Despite their success and fame, it’s clear that the Martin-Eifert family remains rooted in their Midwestern values and traditions. From celebrating holidays to upholding family customs, these connections to their cultural roots provide a sense of stability and identity that transcends their public personas.

The Role of Extended Family 

Behind every successful family unit is a strong network of extended family members offering their love and support. Morgan’s parents, Greg and Julie, as well as Zack’s family, likely play an integral role in their lives, providing emotional support, wisdom, and perhaps even a helping hand with the grandchildren.

Raising Confident, Grounded Children 

As public figures, Morgan and Zack face the unique challenge of raising their children in the spotlight. Instilling a strong sense of self-confidence and grounding them in family values will be crucial in helping Charlie and Remi navigate the potential pitfalls of fame and attention.

Embracing Outdoor Adventures 

Given their athletic backgrounds, it’s likely that Morgan and Zack prioritize an active, outdoor lifestyle for their family. From hiking and camping trips to backyard sports and adventures, these shared experiences not only promote physical fitness but also foster family bonding and create lasting memories.

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What happened to Tyler Eifert? 

Tyler Eifert, Morgan’s older brother, was a tight end in the NFL. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals from 2013 to 2019 and the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2020 before retiring.

How much money did Tyler Eifert make? 

Over his 7-year NFL career, Tyler Eifert earned an estimated $31.6 million in salary and bonuses from his various contracts.

Does Zack Martin have kids? 

Yes, Zack Martin and his wife Morgan have two children together – a son named Charlie born in 2019, and a daughter named Remi born in 2021.

How much does Zack Martin make? 

Zack Martin signed a 6-year, $84 million contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys in 2018. His annual average salary is $14 million per year.

Closing Thoughts

Morgan Eifert’s life is a delightful tapestry woven with threads of athletic prowess, family ties, and personal triumphs. As the wife of Dallas Cowboys star Zack Martin and sister to former NFL tight end Tyler Eifert, she navigates the spotlight with grace and humility.

From her Indiana roots to her college days at Purdue, Morgan’s journey has been intertwined with the world of sports. Now, as a devoted mother of two, she balances family life with unwavering support for her husband’s career. Despite her low-key persona, Morgan’s influence on Zack’s success cannot be overstated, serving as his rock amidst the demands of professional football.

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