Shaquille O’Neal Siblings 2024: Meet the Family Members

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most dominant basketball players in NBA history. The four-time NBA champion has made his mark both on and off the court. An icon worldwide, Shaq has become an unforgettable cultural fixture renowned for both his athletic prowess and larger-than-life personality.

While his nearly two decade NBA career and variety of off-court ventures are well-documented, less is known about Shaquille O’Neal’s siblings and relatives. As the most famous member of the O’Neal clan, Shaq’s family life is understandably more private. This article will explore and meet the family members of the legendary Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaquille O’Neal Family and Early Life

Before fame and fortune, Shaquille O’Neal came from humble beginnings. He was born Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal on March 6, 1972 in Newark, New Jersey. His parents Lucille O’Neal and Joe Toney had Shaq when they were still teenagers. Toney was already a parent to a young daughter named Lateefah at the time.

As an infant just over a year old, Shaq and his mother moved to Germany for a year. There Lucille’s new significant other, Phillip A. Harrison, an Army drill sergeant was stationed. During this time, the parents split. When they returned stateside to Newark, Shaq saw his biological father Joe Toney, very sporadically.

Shaquille O’Neal Parents and Siblings

The real central figures in raising the young Shaq were his loving mother Lucille and stepfather Sergeant Phillip Harrison. The family would soon relocate once more, to the Army base in Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. There Lucille and Phillip would complete their family, giving Shaq two younger half-siblings.

Early Years with Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille grew up moving from army base to army base, as the Harrisons made their family wherever Sgt. Phillip was station. Shaq spent time living California, New Jersey, Georgia and Texas throughout his youth.

Despite instability during his childhood, the steady foundation was always family. Shaq was closest with his mother and stepdad but also formed tight bonds with siblings Lateefah, Jamal and Ayesha.

His parents instilled the values of education and maintaining positive attitude at a young age. Shaq has often credited his mother and stepdad for keeping him anchored and focused during the pivotal years. Lucille preached that the only options in life were to strive and thrive or fail and go to jail. This motivational clarion call always resonated with Shaq.

College Life of Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq took those lessons of diligence with him from his youth straight into acing college admissions. Though just an above average high school student, his athletic promise earned him a full ride scholarship at Louisiana State University.

During his College years, Shaq seemed to walk the line between jovial frat boy and surprisingly intellectual student-athlete. He is still beloved in Baton Rouge for bringing positive attention and championships to the university program.

Tribute to Ayesha Harrison-Jex

While Shaq’s relationship with parents Lucille and Phillip remains incredibly strong, there is undeniable pain and tragedy with the loss of younger sister Ayesha. Born in 1977, Ayesha Harrison-Jex and Shaq were the middle siblings sandwiched between older sister Lateefah and kid brother Jamal.

Ayesha battled addiction and mental health issues for years. Her inner turmoil resulted in periodic estrangement from relatives. Sadly she would pass away in 2003 at just 27 years old from cancer. Today, out of the public spotlight, Shaq still grieves the loss of his sister Ayesha. He posts a loving tribute to her on social media each year on January 16th, her birthday.

Childrens of Shaquille O’Neal

While the O’Neal clan suffered heartbreak with Ayesha’s passing, Shaq has built his own family legacy through his kids. Shaq has fathered six children with three different women over the years. His eldest daughter is Taahirah with ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh. Taahirah has kept out of the spotlight but works with her father’s charitable foundation.

Shaq’s next children came from his former wife Shaunie Nelson, sons Shareef Rashaun, Ameer Yousef, Shakir Re’ Shephard, and daughter Me’arah Sanaa. The trio of O’Neal boys are all promising high school basketball talents carrying on the family legacy. Youngest daughter Me’arah keeps a low profile while balancing studies and hobbies.

Finally, Shaq’s has an adorable toddler daughter named Mearah with current girlfriend Annie Lepley. Little Mearah is still more focused on dolls and dress-up over basketball…for now! Through all his kids and even more grandchildren these days, it is clear Shaq considers fatherhood his proudest ongoing legacy.

Shaquille O’Neal Career

Shaquille O’Neal Career
Shaquille O’Neal Career

Before becoming a business mogul and cultural icon though, Shaquille O’Neal first captivated the world with his superhuman athletic feats. His NBA career was one of sheer dominance unseen by any big man previously. Let’s explore some key moments in Shaq’s epic sports journey!

Shaquille O’Neal NBA Career

Drafted 1st overall pick in 1992 NBA draft by Orlando Magic

  • 1992 NBA Rookie of the Year
  • Leads young Magic team to 1995 NBA Finals
  • Signed iconic $120 million contract with Los Angeles Lakers as free agent in 1996
  • Forms legendary dynamic duo with Kobe Bryant
  • Leads Lakers to three straight titles 2000-2002, winning 2000 MVP & 3 Finals MVPs
  • Traded to Miami Heat in 2004, Wins 4th NBA Title there in 2006
  • Plays final 4 NBA seasons in Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston
  • Retires in 2011 ranked 7th All-Time in points scored
  • Inducted into Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016

Shaquille O’Neal: Music Career

Showcasing versatile talents, Shaq also flexed marketing muscles in the music industry. He released 4 rap albums in the 1990s under stage name Shaq Diesel. His first album went platinum!

Shaq never became a full-time recording artist but guest appeared on tracks for artists from Jay Z to Aaron Carter. Proving he can crossover genres, Shaq even collabed with pop sensation NSYNC!

Foreshadowing future business prowess, Shaq managed music side gigs while still dominating on court his first several NBA seasons.

What Companies Does Shaq Own?

Companies that Shaq Own

Transitioning straight from basketball dominance into the business world, Shaq’s entrepreneurial pursuits span many industries. Companies and investments Shaq outright owns or holds partnership stakes in include:

Big Chicken Franchise Restaurant

40+ locations specializing in fried chicken meals quick. Utilizing branding power, Shaq successfully breaks into competitive fast food industry.


In joint investment with Comcast and others, Shaq made history purchasing pro video game team “Vegas Rollers”. His trailblazing business play helped fast-track competitive gaming into billion dollar entertainment industry drawing huge live crowds now.

AutoPal Car Wash APP

Owning equity share in this popular monthly car wash membership app, Shaq again proves nose for smart investments and partnerships.

PepsiCo Brand Ambassador

No stranger to brand sponsorship even dating back to early Magic playing days, Pepsi signed Shaq to lucrative $15M deal in 2015. He’s appeared in a Super Bowl ad and remains involved with beverage giant today.

IcyHot Pain Relief Brand Spokesman

Legend has it that during his playing days battling bigger Western Conference foes night after night, Shaq would literally need to apply the topical ointment giant tubs at a time postgame. His endorsement deal over decades has brought great visibility to IcyHot.

The General Insurance

Starring in humorous ads as bumbling accident-prone character “The Extraordinary Jock Itch”, Shaq showcases comedic talents promoting The General car insurance.

Carnival Cruise Lines “Chief Fun Officer”

What better fit could there be than the larger than life Shaq as lead brand ambassador and “Chief Fun Officer” of fun-filled family cruises?

Aurea Biolabs CBD Ventures

Never one to be left out of emerging trends, Shaq got behind development of cannabis wellness company Aurea. Early in the CBD space, they offer custom oils and topicals for athlete and casual user alike.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Biggest Purchases

With such lucrative business deals and nearly a quarter billion in NBA salary, Shaq clearly has some lavish purchases in his catalog. While known for overspending cars and jewelry earlier in career, Shaq’s biggest buys showcase “big man” necessities and food passions!

Extra-Large Custom Bed – $150,000

Having struggled with undersized beds his whole life, Shaq invested in a massive circular custom-made bed over 15 feet wide hand carved from Italian wood.

Mega Mansion in Florida’s Isleworth – $16 Million

Shortly after retiring from the NBA, Shaq purchased a 31,000 square-foot lakeside mega-mansion outside Orlando with 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 6 car garage, wine cellar and detached 6-bedroom guesthouse for staff dubbed “Shaq-apulco”.

Various Five Guys Burger Franchise Locations

A notorious fast foodie since his heavy playing days, Shaq owns at least 10 locations of burger favorite Five Guys. During his time with the Phoenix Suns, it was not unheard of for the big man to order over 10 double bacon cheeseburgers…just for himself post-game!

Atlanta Krispy Kreme Franchise Locations

Another food guilty pleasure, Shaq owns at least 27 Atlanta area Krispy Kreme doughnut shops. After celebrating player milestones by smashing backboards, Shaq would smash through dozens of glazed doughnuts in the locker room.

Custom “Shaqsvette” Car/Truck Hybrid by GM

Plagued by tiny sports cars and sedans his whole career, Shaq again got innovative with custom limo meets monster truck. Dubbed the “Shaqsvette”, the modified Chevy Tahoe fits Shaq’s 400-pound frame including TV’s and a mini-fridge inside.

Shaquille O’Neal Television and Other Ventures

Shaquille O’Neal Television and Other Ventures
Shaquille O’Neal Television and Other Ventures

In addition to smart business plays and restaurant investments, Shaq extends his brand in other areas of entertainment too.

TNT NBA Analyst

Immediately joining TNT NBA coverage fresh off 2011 retirement, Shaq draws laughs for on-air clashes with Charles Barkley and zany personas like “detective Shaq”.

NBA 2K Video Game

As cornerstone of bestselling basketball video game NBA 2K, Shaq joins elite legends with playable character. 2K developers even struggled adapting graphics and gameplay to capture younger more nimble Magic-era Shaq versus lumbering 38-year old Boston Celtics version!

Multiple Nickelodeon Series Cameos

Further displaying comedic talents, Shaq guest starred across several children’s programs on Nickelodeon network including The Fairly Oddparents, Static Shock and Back at the Barnyard where his character hilariously couldn’t fit inside buildings.

Volunteer Police Officer

Sworn in as honorary U.S. Deputy Marshal, Shaq takes the role seriously using status to engage positively with communities nationwide. Viral videos showing Shaq stoppingdangerous high speed chases and dangling from moving vehicles show he’s serious about law and order!

University of Phoenix

Putting his General Education Degree to use, Shaq earned online Ed.D. He also holds a Doctor of Humanities honorary degree.

Authority Sheriff’s Department

Appointed “Director of Community Relations” by Henry County GA authorities, Shaq participates in youth outreach aiming to foster better relationships between police and inner city children.

Shaquille O’Neal Entrepreneurship

Shaquille O’Neal Entrepreneurship

Transitioning seamlessly from 19-year basketball Hall of Fame career into thriving mogul venture capitalist, Shaq’s business prowess rivals his athletic greatness.

For over a decade since retirement now, Shaq focuses investments within a few prime sectors he understands and can add value toward. Namely health/wellness, hospitality, gaming/e-sports, and QSR “Quick Service Restaurants”.

However, exhibiting trademark humor and humility, Shaq clarifies having help telling bad deals from good ones: “I’m not really a ‘businessman-businessman’. I just invest in things I love and have people run it for me.”

Nonetheless, celebrity branding power combined with smart partnerships helped Shaq amass over $400 million net worth astonishingly fast.

Remarkably grounded despite wealth and fame however, Shaq emphasizes money as purely a fun challenge for him enriching partners and communities now, not himself.

“It’s all about having the right team around you…I’m not really represented by big agencies anymore. I’d rather give my money to my partners and my community.”

Prioritizing social causes like supporting youth over profits, Shaq continually lives both parents’ and coaches’ lessons serving communities today.

Shaquille O’Neal Legacy and Honors

Given his legendary Hall of Fame playing career, off-court business successes, and ubiquitous pop culture presence spanning nearly 30 years now, Shaquille O’Neal leaves behind perhaps the greatest multi-dimensional imprint of any NBA icon.

He revolutionized perceptions of what 7-foot-plus players can bring to the game. Yet equally important, his gregarious persona forever connects with fans worldwide.

Shaq’s numerous career accolades and honors include:

  • 2016 Hall of Fame Induction
  • 2000 MVP & 3 Finals MVPs
  • 15 All-Star & 14 All-NBA selections
  • 7 top-5 MVP finishes
  • USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year (1994)
  • NAACP Image Awards – Multiple Honors
  • Kids Choice Awards – Multiple Honors

The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation, Charity Work and Philanthropy

Shaquille O'Neal Foundation, Charity Work
Shaquille O’Neal Foundation, Charity Work

Equally impressive as his many honors for excellence though, Shaq continually dedicates time, money and boundless exuberance toward philanthropic causes benefitting underprivileged youth especially.

The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation founded in 2005 aims to make hope and dreams a reality for children. Raising funds to help kids in need realize full potential regardless circumstances, the foundation has contributed an estimated $4 Million toward programs supporting youth education to this point.

Shaq also generously donates time serving as national spokesperson for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America since 2009. Focusing on leadership initiatives, his involvement helps raise awareness and over $21 Million funding already for the non-profit youth organization.

Additional organizations Shaq helps champion include:

  • Odessa Chambliss Quality of Life Fund for Cancer Patients
  • Communities in Schools programs promoting graduation
  • Anti-Bullying No Bystanders Campaign

Through the years, Shaq has granted wishes for Make-A-Wish Foundation, and conducts annual Shaq-a-Clause holiday toy drive donating gifts for thousands of underprivileged children.

All these acts give merely a snapshot of Shaq’s continual prioritization on community enrichment. As he enters later career, Shaq accepts elder statesman role as role model-at-large committed to spotlighting youth and unifying all people.

Law Enforcement Career of Shaquille O’Neal Foundation

Instilled early by his stepfather Phillip, respect for law and order enforcement guides Shaq still today. He took initiative serving and educating communities about civil rights through proactive partnerships with police.

Appointed reserve officer roles conducting community outreach efforts with various county sheriff and state police departments, Shaq cherishes working directly with both inner city kids and authorities positively.

Viral stories of Shaq literally leaping into action apprehending criminals make headlines. But more importantly, bridging divides between people of color and officers reveal sincere goals of understanding. He brings that big smile and hug yet carries a badge and gun taking duties responsibly.

During a particularly divisive climate between enforcement and public circa 2016, Shaq’s role as unifier shined brighter. Ignoring some criticism for sympathizing with police, he stuck to beliefs of accountability and honesty on both sides. His charitable works promote open, thoughtful communication not finger-pointing.

Nearing 50 now, Shaq seems busier than ever criss-crossing America and beyond on goodwill missions lifting spirits through humor and compassion. But everyone knows should they need the Diesel, Officer O’Neal gladly rumbles in flashing lights blazing!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I meet Shaq?

Your best chance of meeting Shaq is to attend a Los Angeles Lakers or Miami Heat home game and try to get courtside seats where you might be able to interact with him. You can also try waiting by the team bus area after the game to catch a glimpse of him.

What does Shaq’s brother do?

Shaq’s brother Jamal works as a DJ and producer in the music industry. He has toured alongside Shaq and collaborated on some of his rap albums early in Shaq’s music career.

How tall was Shaq at 13?

Shaq was 6’6” tall by the age of 13, remarkably tall player, especially for that age. His immense height and size was evident from a very young age.

Did Shaq take care of his family?

Yes, Shaq financially took care of his mother Lucille, stepfather Phillip Harrison, and siblings over the years. Once he reached the NBA and had the means, Shaq purchased homes for his mother and siblings to live in comfortably.

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