Aaron Jones Girlfriend – Is He Still Dating Crystal Molina?

The dating life of NFL stars is always a hot topic. And Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones is no exception. Fans are buzzing to know – is he still with his college sweetheart, Crystal Molina? Or has the pandemic baby mama found herself single?

Ever since photos of Crystal started disappearing from Aaron’s socials, the rumor mill has been spinning. The tight-lipped player hasn’t dropped a single hint about a new girlfriend, leaving fans wondering. Is he secretly coupled up, taking a dating break, or keeping a blossoming romance under wraps?

Let’s dive into the juicy details surrounding Aaron’s relationship status. Get the scoop on how this potential power couple first crossed paths as starry-eyed students.

Dating Rumors Of Aaron Jones; Is He In A Relationship?

Ever since photos of Crystal started disappearing from Aaron’s socials, the dating rumor mill has been in overdrive. The tight-lipped NFL player hasn’t so much as breadcrumbed a new girlfriend, leaving inquiring minds to wonder:

  • Has he quietly coupled up with someone new post-breakup?
  • Is the Green Bay Packers running back taking a dating breather to focus on fatherhood?
  • Or is he low-key wined and dined his way into a budding romance, playing it close to the vest?

Sightings of Aaron solo at games and events only add fuel to the fire. But hey, absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, right?

Aaron Jones and Crystal Molina Started Dating In College

Aaron Jones and Crystal Molina
Aaron Jones and Crystal Molina

Let’s rewind to how the maybe-exes first crossed paths – as students at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Aaron was the star college athlete tearing it up for the football team. Crystal, meanwhile, was a nursing undergrad who couldn’t resist the running back’s charm.

From there, it was a whirlwind campus romance in 2017. After hitting it off, the smitten pair went IG official a year later with all the gushy PDA.

Becoming Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just as their relationship seemed to be hitting its stride, Aaron and Crystal leveled up in 2020 – by becoming parents!

On January 7th of that year, the NFL player excitedly announced they had a baby on the way. Their son, Aaron Jones Jr., was born in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

While far from ideal timing, the obligatory quarantine gave the new mom and dad ample bonding time at home in El Paso. Photos from that period showed a blissfully loved-up family unit.

Jones Was Gaming While His Girlfriend Was In Labor

Jones Was Gaming While His Girlfriend
Jones Was Gaming While His Girlfriend

Ah yes, who could forget that iconic labor room moment?

In a scene that instantly went viral, Crystal shared a pic of her man…gaming on his PlayStation while she prepped to deliver their firstborn.

The image sparked a heated parent-shaming debate, with critics slamming Aaron for not being present. But according to the couple, it was all in good fun as they passed the time before active labor kicked in.

Whether you found it hilarious or cringeworthy, it definitely gave the world a window into the Jones’ offbeat family dynamic.

Signs Of Potential Trouble In Paradise

For years, Aaron and Crystal portrayed the picture-perfect college sweetheart narrative, from mushy tributes to labor room antics.

But once 2022 rolled around, signs began pointing to trouble in paradise. Suddenly, all traces of Crystal vanished from the running back’s socials without explanation.

Around the same time, the mom went total ghost mode by privatizing her accounts. While neither directly confirmed a breakup, their digital footprint told a different story.

So what went wrong for the former lovebirds who’d weathered even bringing a child into the world? Theories range from:

  • The pandemic putting a strain on their union
  • Them simply growing apart over time
  • Or the two mutually deciding to consciously uncouple for healthier co-parenting

Are Molina And Jones Still Together?

Are Molina And Jones Still Together?
Are Molina And Jones Still Together?

Okay, but let’s circle back to the burning question – are Aaron Jones and Crystal Molina still an item in 2023?

If their zipped-lip approach is any indication, it’s looking extremely unlikely the two are still together at this point. All signs point to them splitting sometime in 2022 after four years of dating.

Now, it’s always possible the exes are preserving their child’s privacy by keeping family matters offline. Or maybe they’re taking a well-deserved dating break to concentrate on co-parenting their son post-pandemic.

But Occam’s razor would suggest the longtime couple simply ran its course and decided to go their separate ways – albeit it amicably for the sake of baby Jones.

A Peek Into Crystal Molina’s Life Before Aaron

So who exactly is the ex-girlfriend behind the former It Couple? Here’s a quick bio on Crystal Molina:

  • Born July 22, 1998, making her 24 years old
  • Originally from El Paso, where she attended Franklin High School
  • Was a track and field athlete prior to pursuing nursing
  • Studied at the University of Texas for her nursing degree
  • Now works as an ER nurse, putting that healthcare education to use

Beyond those basic deets, Crystal has made a point to keep her family life private – a smart move for avoiding unnecessary scrutiny.

Is Aaron Jones Currently Single and Ready to Mingle?

Soooo…is one of the NFL’s most eligible bachelors single and ready to mingle these days? All signs are pointing to…maybe?

Here’s a quick rundown of Aaron’s dating trail of breadcrumbs (or lack thereof) in recent months:

  • No obvious love interests cozying up on the ‘Gram or lurking game-day footage
  • Not a single flirty interaction or thirst trap from the typically social-savvy jock
  • Zero blind item goss or paparazzi PDA to satisfy our curiosity

Assuming he hasn’t pulled a masterful Houdini with a whole relationship, it does seem the Green Bay running back is footloose and kid-focused for the time being.

Of course, he could very well be involved with someone new and keeping it prudently under wraps this go-around. We’ll be keeping our eye on those socials for any potential hints!

Keep Up with the Latest on Aaron Jones

Keep Up with the Latest on Aaron Jones
Keep Up with the Latest on Aaron Jones

Whether you’re a diehard Packers fan, football gossip junkie, or only here for the PDAs, you’ll want to stay tuned on all things Aaron Jones.

From potential new baes to his unstoppable NFL performance to those inevitable thirst traps, we’ll be dishing out all the piping hot tea.

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Who is Crystal Molina?

Crystal Molina is Aaron Jones’ ex-girlfriend. They dated for around 4 years after meeting in college at the University of Texas at El Paso. She’s an ER nurse.

Does Aaron Jones have kids?

Yes, Aaron Jones has one son named Aaron Jones Jr. He was born in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to Aaron and his then-girlfriend Crystal Molina.

Who is Aaron Jones sister?

Details about Aaron Jones’ sister are not publicly known.

Who is Aaron Jones mother?

Aaron Jones’ mother’s name is Vurgesse Jones, but not much else is publicly shared about her.

Who is Aaron Jones cousin?

Aaron hasn’t disclosed information about any cousins publicly.

Was Aaron Jones father in the military?

It’s unclear if Aaron Jones’ father was in the military as his family background is kept relatively private.

Final Words

Aaron Jones and Crystal Molina were the classic college sweethearts after meeting at the University of Texas at El Paso. They went public in 2018 and had their son in 2020 amid the pandemic. Though an iconic labor room gaming session sparked debates, they seemed blissfully in love.

However, in 2022, Crystal vanished from Aaron’s socials and made her accounts private – major breakup signs! While neither confirmed a split, theories range from pandemic strains to just growing apart. These days, the NFL star appears single and hyper-focused on co-parenting their son.

Of course, he could be keeping a new romance under wraps this time. But unless Aaron dishes the deets himself, his relationship status remains a juicy mystery! Does the running back have a secret lover or is he living that single dad life? The world may never know…

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