Sam Hubbard Might Marry His Girlfriend Sooner Than We Expect

Calling all Bengals fans! Got a hot goss alert for you. Our man Sam Hubbard might be tying the knot sooner than we think.

You read that right – marriage could be on the horizon for the NFL stud and his gorgeous girlfriend, Jessica Koehler. The two lovebirds have been getting pretty serious lately.

From cozy Instagram snaps to Jess being besties with Joe Burrow’s girl, the hints are adding up. Fans are rallying for Sam to put a ring on it ASAP! This is one engagement we’ll be watching like hawks.

Bad News Ladies! Sam Hubbard Has a Hot Girlfriend

Brace yourselves, because your favorite NFL player and all-around heartthrob, Sam Hubbard, is officially off the market. The big guy has been cozying up with a gorgeous gal named Jessica Koehler, and their bond is undeniable.

You might’ve caught a glimpse of them together in Sam’s February 2023 Instagram post. Those snaps don’t lie – the intimacy between the lovebirds is palpable. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for all you single ladies out there pining for Big Sosa!

Sam and Jess Knew Each Other Since College

Sam and Jess

Now, this blossoming romance isn’t some flash-in-the-pan fling. Sam and Jess’s love story has been years in the making. You see, these two go way back to their days as student athletes at Ohio State University.

Talk about a match made in Buckeye heaven! They crossed paths on campus and clearly hit it off. College sweethearts taken to the next level – how stinkin’ cute is that?

Who is Sam Hubbard’s Girlfriend?

Let’s get better acquainted with the lady who’s captured Sam Hubbard’s heart, shall we? Jessica Koehler is one impressive woman, both on and off the field (so to speak).

This Ohio State alumna is absolutely killing it in her career as an Area Sales Manager at Artemis Distribution, an Illinois-based CBD company. Talk about a power couple – she’s a total boss babe!

But Jess isn’t just a workaholic. Her social ties loop her right into Sam’s circle, as she’s tight with Olivia Holzmacher, the long-term girlfriend of Sam’s Bengals teammate Joe Burrow. See, she’s already part of the family!

The Insta Post that Started it All

The Insta Post that Started it All
The Insta Post that Started it All

Remember that fateful February 2023 Instagram carousel from Sam? That’s what really kicked the rumor mill into high gear about his relationship status.

Among the snaps of his weekly adventures was a couple of crisp photos featuring Sam and a stunner now identified as Jessica, lookin’ very couple-y and loved-up. It was the secret sauce this hungry public needed to confirm: Sam Hubbard’s a taken man!

As you can imagine, the comment section under that post was an absolute riot. Devastated female fans mourned the harsh reality that this prime hunk of the NFL was officially off the market. The thirst was real, fam.

Bengals Nation is Family-Oriented

Here’s the thing – us diehard Bengals fans aren’t just rabid about the game of football. We’re a real community, steeped in family values and a deep sense of loyalty.

So when one of our star players like Sam goes public with a serious relationship, you’d better believe we take that seriously too! We want to see our boys happily wifed up, putting forth that dedicated family man energy on and off the field.

Also, let’s be real – Sam’s just a good ole Ohio boy at heart, despite his pro athlete status. The kind of fella you can envision getting hitched, settling down, and starting a family with the right partner. Wifey material, for sure.

Fans are Rallying for Sam to Propose

Fans are Rallying for Sam to Propose
Fans are Rallying for Sam to Propose

Speaking of wifey potential – folks are vocal about wanting to see Jessica Koehler transition from Sam’s girlfriend to his fiancée ASAP. The writing’s on the wall that marriage could be imminent!

It all started with a certain TikTok video featuring Jess alongside Olivia (Joe Burrow’s girl). The comment section was an avalanche of fans demanding that Joe and Sam put a ring on it for their respective babes.

We’re not messing around, guys. Once Bengals nation decides you’re “The One” for one of our boys, we solidly get behind that and await the inevitable proposal with bated breath.

Why the Hurry? Jess Seems Like a Real Catch

Okay, but real talk – why are fans so gung-ho about rushing Sam Hubbard down the aisle with Jessica? A few compelling reasons:

  1. She’s obviously a hit with Sam’s inner circle, being besties with Olivia.
  1. Her career is super impressive – a total go-getter.
  1. She’s an Ohio State gal like Sam, so the shared roots run deep.
  1. Have you seen the two of them together? The chemistry is sizzling!

Honestly, we’d be hard-pressed to find a more perfect match for our man Sam. Jess has the whole package – brains, ambition, connections, and undeniable looks. If he locked it down soon, we’d all be like “Yeah, that tracks!”

Will 2024 Bring a Sam Hubbard Wife?

The big question on everyone’s minds: will the coming year finally see Jessica Koehler transition from Sam Hubbard’s girlfriend to his wife?

From an outside perspective, all the ducks seem to be lining up for an engagement. Their relationship is rock-solid and has withstood the public scrutiny. She fits in seamlessly with his pro athlete world and social circle. They’ve got the Bengal’s family stamp of approval.

Really, the stars are aligned for Sam to go ahead and put a ring on it already!

But hey, we’ll just have to wait and see how this unfolds. One thing’s for sure – I’ll be camping Sam’s socials and scanning for any whiff of proposal plans, wedding dress shopping, you name it. Because y’all know as soon as it happens, it’s gonna make international news.

Share Your Thoughts on Sam’s Love Story!

Share Your Thoughts on Sam's Love Story!
Share Your Thoughts on Sam’s Love Story!

I want to hear what the rest of the Bengals fam is thinking about Sam’s love life. Drop a comment below:

  • When do you predict he’ll pop the question to Jessica?
  • Does she have your stamp of approval as a future Mrs. Hubbard?
  • Manifest that engagement by dropping a 💍 if you’d love to see Sam wifed up ASAP!

This love story is just getting started, but it’s already captivating the masses. Whether you’re team “Put a Ring on It” or content to see them just dating for now, one thing’s certain: Sam Hubbard has met his match in the lovely Jessica Koehler.

Stay tuned for more updates, my friends! I’ll be following this potential journey to the altar with a keen eye. Here’s to love, football, and the hilarious saga of fans wanting to see their favorite players happily boo’d up!

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What is Sam Hubbard’s salary?

  • Sam Hubbard signed a 4-year, $40 million contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2022.
  • His average annual salary is around $10 million.
  • He earned just over $965,000 in the 2021 season.

What is the Sam Hubbard Foundation?

  • The Sam Hubbard Foundation is a non-profit organization started by Sam.
  • It focuses on providing resources and opportunities to underprivileged youth.
  • The foundation runs camps, donations, and community outreach programs.

How old is Sam Hubbard?

  • Sam Hubbard was born on January 7, 1995.
  • He is currently 28 years old.
  • Hubbard will turn 29 on his next birthday in January 2024.

How much does Sam Hubbard weigh?

  • According to the Bengals’ roster, Sam Hubbard’s weight is listed as 265 lbs (120 kg).
  • As a defensive end, he needs to be big and powerful to take on offensive linemen.
  • His height is 6’5″ (1.96 m) tall.

Final Words

Buckle up, Bengals nation – it looks like Sam Hubbard may be putting a ring on it soon! The big guy’s been dating Jessica Koehler, and their relationship is getting super serious.

Jess is a total catch – an Ohio State alumna like Sam, with an impressive sales career and ties to the Bengals crew through bestie Olivia Holzmacher. Fans have been swooning over the couple’s lovey-dovey Instagram pics.

A viral TikTok video even sparked demands for Sam to propose already! The stars seem aligned for these two lovebirds to make it official. 2024 could very well bring a Sam Hubbard wife into the picture.

Whether you’re shouting “Put a ring on it!” or happy to see them dating, one thing’s clear – this is a love story to watch!

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