Andrew Santino Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio & More 2024

Andrew Santino is more than just your average stand-up comedian. Danielle Brooks is Andrew Santino’s wife. While Andrew hasn’t shared much about her, rumors hint at their past as close friends.

Over the past decade, this talented entertainer has made a name for himself not only for his observational humor and magnetic stage presence – but for his acting chops and wildly popular podcast. With multiple high-profile projects under his belt across mediums, Santino has proven he is far more than a triple threat in the comedy world.

The unique blend of sharp wit, storytelling prowess and dynamic on-screen performances have earned the red-headed funnyman an impressively growing net worth and a loyal fanbase that just can’t get enough. Let’s take a closer look at Santino’s diverse career highlights, personal life details and keys to lasting success across entertainment avenues.

Introducing Andrew Santino: Chicago Stand-Up Scene Stand-Out

Hailing from Chicago, Andrew Santino’s interest in comedy began at a young age. He started honing his skills by performing stand-up routines in local bars and comedy clubs while still completing his studies.

The early momentum was briefly sidelined when Santino took a break from comedy and attended Arizona State University after high school. But his passion ultimately led him back to the stage.

He soon committed fully to becoming a stand-up comedian, quickly rising in popularity thanks to his energetic presence and perspective-filled observational content. By the mid-2000s, Santino set his sights on Los Angeles to tap into its renowned comedy scene.

The move proved fruitful, with the red-headed jokester making waves and attracting attention from prominent comedy shows and venues around Hollywood. Comedic sets led to appearances on Conan and other late night programs – marking his entry into the mainstream entertainment industry spotlight.

Rocket Rise to Fame Across Creative Avenues

Capitalizing on his growing notoriety on stage at L.A.’s top comedy clubs, Santino parlayed his momentum into a number of TV opportunities. After guest appearances on a spectrum of popular shows, he landed a recurring role as a sarcastic bartender on ABC’s “Mixology” in 2014.

Greater acclaim followed when Showtime tapped the quirky comedian for their original series “I’m Dying Up Here,” inspired by L.A.’s real-life 1970’s stand-up scene. Santino shone in his supporting part, even garnering a critics’ award nomination.

But the versatile entertainer didn’t stop at scripted productions. In recent years, Santino has expanded his reach through the podcast realm – hosting his own show called Whiskey Ginger. The conversational program offers his trademark humor alongside candid chats with fellow high-profile creatives.

Complete with name drops, industry insights and plenty of laughs – the podcast has attracted over 5 million downloads, factoring into Santino’s soaring net worth equation. Whiskey Ginger now features touring stand-up sets, cementing its wide popularity.

Observational Comedy Mastery Entertains Millions

Observational Comedy Mastery Entertains Millions

A key factor fueling Santino’s success? His keen eye for hilarious and timely observations about everyday quirks and societal commentaries. With content spanning from riffs on relationships and pop culture to social media phenomena – the quick-witted jokester puts his own clever spin on familiar topics.

Fusing personal self-deprecation with biting cultural criticisms, Santino also tackles serious issues like mental health and addiction with a delicately comedic touch. This careful balance of light and dark makes his comedy relatable and incisive in equal measure.

He now takes his talents back out on the road again regularly, selling out large theaters for his stand-up tours across North America. Comedy Central recognized his brilliance by releasing Santino’s first hour-long special Home Field Advantage in 2017, followed by smash hit Sentimental Garbage in 2020.

Memorable Supporting Turns in Movies & Television

When he isn’t touring or recording hit podcast episodes, Santino makes time for acting projects too. Besides nabbing Scene-Stealer awards for both seasons of I’m Dying Up Here, he landed memorable supporting parts in Judd Apatow’s The King of Staten Island (2020) and Fred Armisen’s offbeat musical satire Documentary Now! (2015-2019).

Transitioning smoothly between comedic and dramatic performances, Santino also plays a music manager in Donald Glover’s buzzworthy FX/Hulu series Dave (2020–Present). His quick improvisational abilities serve him well on set – like when he originally auditioned for Dave with made-up raps on the spot!

Andrew Santino Social Media Accounts

Andrew Santino Social Media Accounts
Andrew Santino Social Media Accounts

Andrew Santino’s YouTube channel garners an impressive daily viewership of over 32.24 thousand and a monthly total exceeding 967.18 thousand views.

YouTubeAndrew Santino

Putting the Spotlight on Longtime Love Danielle Brooks

When it comes to his personal life, Santino prefers keeping details private – apart from surprising comedy club audiences in 2019 by nonchalantly announcing his marriage to girlfriend Danielle Brooks. The two kept their long romance tightly under wraps.

While Danielle maintains a very low profile, some reports indicate she previously worked in the medical field. But since becoming Mrs. Santino, she embraces life as a stay-at-home wife supporting her famous husband’s packed schedule behind the scenes.

The commitment-shy joker seems smitten by his longtime love though, telling media outlets, “It just kind of happened magically… No one was more shocked than I was… I found my person… She’s the jam.” Sounds like the laughs and smiles even continue at home for Andrew!

Santino By the Numbers: Vital Stats on the Smart Comic

Full NameAndrew James Santino
Andrew Santino Wife  NameDanielle Brooks
Age40 (as of 2024)
Date of Birth October 16, 1983
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, United States
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Producer, Youtuber, Podcaster 
Net Worth$5 Million (as of 2024)

Keys to Lasting Success Across Entertainment Mediums

Andrew Santino Keys to Lasting Success
Andrew Santino Keys to Lasting Success

Much of Santino’s current net worth and fame comes from his savvy ability to balance and thrive across various performance mediums:

  • Stand-Up Comedy – Killer comedy chops, magnetic stage presence and multiple specials rake in big box office. His relatable observational style packs venues coast-to-coast.
  • Acting – Impressive dramatic abilities, comedic timing and improv skills make him a versatile asset on hit shows like Dave, playing off stars like Kevin Hart.
  • Podcasting – Loose, informal Whiskey Ginger chats display his quick wit and interviewing talent. Lucrative brand sponsorships factor into his income too thanks to a sizable listenership.

This multi-hyphenate performer looks poised to continue ascending the ranks of top comedic talents for years to come!

Andrew Santino’s Measurements

Height 6 feet 1 inches
Hair Colour Brown
Eye ColourBrown
Sexual OrientationStraight

The Future Burns Bright for this Comedy Triple Threat

As Santino celebrates his 40th birthday in late 2022, his red-hot career shows no signs of cooling down anytime soon. He has stand-up tour dates booked well into 2023 at this point, always adding more cities and shows by popular demand.

On the acting front, critics tout Santino as prime for a breakout lead role after becoming such a scene-stealing fixture in recent ensemble productions. With scene-chewing charisma in spades, more prominent parts seem imminent.

Meanwhile, his re-branded podcast Whiskey Ginger with Santino gains new followers daily under the Ramble Podcast Network banner. Expanding into video episodes and live touring sets indicate plenty more laughs ahead for devoted listeners worldwide.

Jock Santino also broke into the production world, creating and hosting the MGM Studios comedy game show Fool’s Paradise alongside pals Baron Davis and Jon Gabrus. And the busy comedian still somehow finds time to regularly sharpen new stand-up material at Hollywood clubs too.

Where Andrew Santino’s rising stardom and diverse career will take him next is anyone’s guess – but one thing’s for certain: this multi-skilled jester remains destined to entertain the masses for many more years still to come.

Andrew Santino: Comedy Chameleon for the Ages

Not many entertainers can masterfully hop between stand-up stages, TV/movie sets and recording studios like Andrew Santino. His endearing audacious charm, self-effacing cleverness and acting aptitude have cemented his reputation as a 21st century renaissance man of comedy.

Through memorable film cameos, scene-stealing television turns, sold out national stand-up tours and hit podcasting ventures – Santino continues leaving smiles and laughter in his wake. The key is his authentic performance mode and astute observation.

Relatability reigns supreme across all Santino’s creative outputs – ensuring his content wickedly resonates with broad demographics. Fusing societal commentary with sarcastic self-criticism, Santino remains both the ultimate class clown and cultural watchdog.

After establishing himself nationally throughout the 2010s, the 2010s point toward even greater fame and fortune for this podcasting pioneer. But no matter how high his star power rises, Santino’s humble, honest humor promises he will keep audiences endlessly entertained.

Andrew Santino’s Net Worth

Andrew Santino’s Net Worth
Andrew Santino’s Net Worth

Santino’s net worth sits around $5 million thanks largely to his thriving stand-up comedy career, lucrative acting roles across television and film, and his massively popular podcast “Whiskey Ginger” with its high earning potential.

Net Worth as of 2023$5 Million
Net Worth as of 2022$70,000
Yearly Earning$58.03 thousand

Digging Deeper into Santino’s Comedic Brilliance

While the previous sections covered the major contours of Andrew Santino’s impressive career across comedy, acting and podcasting realms – there are always more fascinating layers to peel back on talented stars.

Let’s dig a bit deeper on key parts of Santino’s journey that reveal how he consistently manages to kill with humor!

Revisiting Santino’s Early Life & Influences

As briefly referenced earlier, Chicago native Santino grew up fascinated by stand-up comedy from a young age. But where did this early passion originate?

  • Santino’s blue-collar homelife provided fodder for future material. His father abandoned the family when Andrew was just a boy. Working multiple jobs alone to support her son shaped Mrs. Santino into an unwavering role model of resilience.
  • Frequent moves to various Chicago suburbs like Hoffman Estates or Schaumburg due to financial struggles meant Santino was often the “new kid” adjusting to fresh scenarios. This cultivated his observational skills.
  • During high school in Naperville, Santino fell in love with theater. While he enjoyed acting, getting live reactions from audiences when volunteering humorous answers resonated profoundly.
  • Santino also absorbed comedy influences like Richard Pryor records and re-runs of sitcom classics such as “Seinfeld” during his adolescence. He appreciated these comics’ honesty paired with hilarity regarding human foibles.

Santino’s Early Stand-Up Efforts Show Dedication

Andrew Santino’s path from wide-eyed comedy fan to touring stand-up headliner involved ample perseverance. While still in college, he would drive 30+ miles from Naperville clubs to perform short sets in Chicago’s iconic venues before quickly returning home to study.

This tireless commitment to keep sharpening jokes and stage presence garnered encouragement from veteran local comics. They noted Santino’s charisma and creative comedic angles. By embracing unique opportunities like opening for a professional wrestling event, Andrew honed his act.

After the temporary post-college break from stand-up, Santino returned reinvigorated. He dove into Chicago’s fertile open mic scene, signing up for every possible show and competition. This prolific pace allowed him to workshop substantial new material spanning personal revelations to societal deconstructions.

Soon, Santino landed a huge break – earning a spot as a finalist on local comedy competition “Chicago’s Best Stand-Up.” The exposure boosted Andrew’s profile and motivated a move to sink-or-swim Los Angeles to further his goals. His daring career ambition was set!

Behind-the-Scenes Showbiz Insights from Santino’s Acting Gigs

Insights from Santino's Acting Gigs
Insights from Santino’s Acting Gigs

Santino’s array of memorable television and film roles provide hilarious highlights reel moments. But they also gave him an invaluable peek into the inner workings of the Hollywood machine.

Through these professional experiences, Santino witnessed both the exhilarating possibilities and sobering difficulties aspiring performers face on their quest for entertainment excellence. Here are some insightful first-hand takeaways:

I’m Dying Up Here (2017)

  • Glimpsed the fickle fads chasing comedy clubs endure to attract audiences despite thin profit margins
  • Noticed complicated group dynamics amongst stand-up peer groups as they bond yet compete

Home Field Advantage (2017)

  • Realized preparation painstaking perfectionism required for a polished hour-long stand-up special taping
  • Felt the cathartic joy sharing difficult life chapters can bring

The Baby-sitter’s Club (2020)

  • Appreciated the patience and playfulness needed when directing projects with child actors
  • Adapted comedic timing delivering G-rated dialogue to entertain young viewers

Dave (2020-Present)

  • Witnessed FX network’s massive marketing machinery optimizing online buzz for shows
  • Improv trained by mimicking scene partner Kevin Hart’s natural animated rapport

These glimpses behind the curtain provided an invaluable education for Santino’s own creative career. It taught both technical tips and truth bombin emotional realness.

Santino’s Lasting Success Springs from Authenticity

With his star fast rising into the comedy record books, Andrew Santino grounds his ambitious drives in admirable authenticity. This helps explain the comedian’s enduring success.

Rather than chasing flashy fame or edgy controversy, Santino stays true to his natural talents and perspectives. He possesses the courage to turn personal troubles into teachable parables, while casually acknowledging the shared absurdities of modern life.

This delicate balance of playing both court jester and cultural commenter springs from hard-won wisdom. Santino understands realness connects more profoundly.

Even entering the chaotic vortex of celebrity coupledom, Andrew opts to celebrate love over leveraging attention. Avoiding splashy tabloid spreads or social media oversharing keeps life’s most precious connections protected.

At his core, Andrew Santino simply strives sharing hard-earned humor by converting complex feelings into accessible comedy. This creates an inclusive environment at sold-out stand-up shows and podcast recording studios alike for receptiveness, revelation and riotous laughter.

Podcasting Glory Continues for Santino’s Whiskey Ginger

As streaming audio booms globally, one standout star within the podcasting universe remains Andrew Santino’s popular program Whiskey Ginger. He continues earning new listeners in droves.

Initially launched independently in 2017 alongside fellow comedian Dave Smith, the concept kicked off casually. Recording informal conversations with friends in comedy over shared drinks lacked any master plan beyond relaxed bonding.

But as many episodes accumulated, Santino and Smith realized this format held unique potential. The improvised discussions captured backstage insights and unfiltered opinions rarely revealed publicly.

Handing hosting duties solely over to Santino after 40-plus episodes, Whiskey Ginger then aligned with the prestigious All Things Comedy network co-founded by Bill Burr and Al Madrigal. This helped boost visibility and production quality.

Top-tier guests like David Spade, Jo Koy, Annie Lederman and Theo Von stopped by Santino’s home studio for hilarious and often vulnerable chats. These visits organically morphed into a welcoming worldwide community dubbed the Ginger Nation.

By 2020 and over 150 episodes in, Whiskey Ginger made another ambitious leap – joining forces with the influential Ramble Podcast Network. This provided greater distribution and promotional power, plus opportunities for high-profile live editions.

Recent Santino podcasting milestones include surpassing an awe-inspiring 100 million downloads and landing multiple shows on iTunes’ top comedy charts. This momentum shows no signs of slowing down!

The Humor Never Stops for Non-Stop Comic Santino

A fascinating hallmark across Andrew Santino’s impressive comedy career involves his inexhaustible drive to keep creating humor whenever possible. Despite gathering plenty mainstream success already, Santino remains devoted to honing his craft all ways he can.

This means Santino still carves out time for writing, rehearsing and workshopping new stand-up material multiple times per week – even when not preparing for an upcoming special or tour specifically.

Only by tirelessly generating and shaping new jokes can Santino ensure his comedy stays fresh and timely. He understands lasting relevancy as a performer demands constantly connecting with evolving cultural conversations.

Similarly, Santino stays alert for unique content opportunities aligned with his skills like developing last year’s trick-filled game show Fool’s Paradise for television network MGM. Combining his quick improv abilities and likable presence into an original new format represents his creative wheels always churning.

Podcast platforms also provide lab-like possibilities for Santino to experiment freely with his humor and persona. He can converse candidly with fellow comedians about shared experiences or simply riff silly scenarios spurring laughter. These shows capture Santino’s talents in raw real-time form.

Thanks to this endless hunger for humor wherever it hides, eager audiences everywhere remain guaranteed many more years of priceless comedy courtesy of Mr. Andrew Santino!

Andrew Santino’s Top 10 TV Shows and Movies

Andrew Santino's Top 10 TV Shows and Movies
Andrew Santino’s Top 10 TV Shows and Movies
YearName of Movie/ShowRating
2005-2013The Office9.0
2016-2022This Is Us8.7
2003-2019Arrested Development8.7
2000Curb Your Enthusiasm 8.8
2005American Dad!7.4
2009-2015The League8.3
2023Fool’s Paradise4.7
2017The Disaster Artist7.3

Final Thoughts on Santino’s Bright Future

As this extensive deep dive into Andrew Santino’s diverse comedy empire showcases, his brilliance shines bright across entertainment avenues from stand-up to streaming. Seamlessly blending acting abilities, joke-telling mastery and conversational rapport – Santino clearly stands poised for even greater fame.

But while accolades accumulate and his fanbase widens exponentially, Santino roots his work in honesty and heart. This authenticity ensures his memorable moments on stage and screen will continue making lasting impacts on pop culture for decades still to come.

Because amidst all the laughter lies deeper lessons about embracing life’s uncomfortable complexities. By tackling troubles with levity and humility alike, Santino inspires audiences to lighten up and think deeper simultaneously.

Much remains uncertain predicting any celebrity’s long-term legacy years ahead. However, Santino’s rare blend of talent and truth point toward him eventually joining the comic ranks of all-time greats like Pryor, Carlin and C.K. Mark these words: Andrew Santino ain’t done making the world chuckle just yet!

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Where is Andrew Santino from? 

Andrew Santino was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue his comedy career.

How did Santino get his start in comedy? 

Santino started performing stand-up comedy in local Chicago clubs and bars while still in college. This helped him build his skills.

What acting projects has Santino been part of? 

Some of Santino’s biggest acting roles were in the TV shows “Mixology”, “I’m Dying Up Here”, and “Dave” as well as appearances in movies like “The King of Staten Island.”

What is Santino’s popular podcast? 

Santino hosts a podcast called “Whiskey Ginger” where he has raw, humorous conversations with fellow comedians and entertainers.

Why has Santino become so successful? 

Santino’s success comes from his observational and relatable humor style across stand-up comedy, acting abilities, quick improvisation skills and engaging podcast.

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