Meet Hendrix Wilburn’s Siblings

Rapper Future has fathered at least 8 children with 8 different women. His oldest son, Hendrix Wilburn, was born in 2001 to Jessica Smith. Meet Hendrix Wilburn’s half-siblings and Future’s growing family tree.

Who are Hendrix Wilburn’s Siblings?

Hendrix Wilburn has 7 half-siblings from rapper Future’s relationships with 7 other women. Keep reading to learn more about each of Hendrix’s half-brothers and half-sisters.

Jakobi Wilburn

Jakobi Wilburn is Hendrix’s half-brother from Future’s relationship with Jessica Smith, Hendrix’s mother. Jakobi and Hendrix share the same mother.

Not much is publicly known about Jakobi as Future keeps details about his children private. Jakobi is likely around the same age as Hendrix.

Prince Wilburn

Prince Wilburn’s mother is Brittni Mealy. Prince was born in 2016. Brittni Mealy had an on-again, off-again relationship and engagement with Future starting in 2014.

Prince lives a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his famous rapper father. He often shows up on Brittni Mealy’s Instagram feed posing in designer clothes and traveling the world.

Future Zahir Wilburn

Future Zahir Wilburn, who goes by the nickname Future Jr., was born in 2002 to Ciara, the R&B pop singer. Ciara and Future were engaged from 2013-2014 before a very public breakup.

Future Jr. pursues a music career like his father. He has released his own singles and music on SoundCloud. Future Jr. joins his father on red carpets and music video shoots.

Kash Wilburn

Not much information is available about Kash Wilburn, likely in an effort by Future to protect his privacy. It is reported that Kash’s mother is a woman named India J.

Kash is believed to have been born around mid-2018 based on Instagram posts briefly showing Kash as a newborn before being deleted.

Paris Wilburn

Paris Wilburn’s mother is model Joie Chavis. Paris was born in 2018, the same year as Kash. For a while, there was uncertainty surrounding whether Future or Bow Wow was Paris’ biological father.

A paternity test later confirmed that Future is indeed Paris’ father. Paris splits time living with Joie Chavis and Future. Based on Joie’s Instagram, Paris enjoys trips to Disneyland and leading a life of luxury.

Reign Wilburn

Reign Wilburn is the daughter of Eliza Reign, an Instagram model. Reign was born in April 2018. At first, Future denied he was Reign’s father and took Eliza to court over paternity claims.

A DNA test later confirmed Future is in fact Reign’s biological dad. Reign lives with her mother Eliza while a child support battle wages on between Eliza and Future over rights and payments.

Londyn Wilburn

Londyn Wilburn is another one of Future’s daughters born in 2020. Not much information has been shared publicly about Londyn or her mother. Her existence was briefly acknowledged before details were wiped from the internet.

As with Kash Wilburn, Future likely keeps Londyn out of the spotlight intentionally to give her privacy and a normal childhood away from fame.

Shai Moss

Shai Moss’s mother is said to be a woman named Jessica Shaw. Very few details are known about Shai as Future has not publicly acknowledged her as one of his children.

Unconfirmed reports state that Shaw took Future to court in 2020 claiming he is Shai’s father. If true, this would bring the number of Future’s confirmed kids to 8 total with 8 different women.

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Hendrix Wilburn Siblings Table Breakdown

Here is a helpful summary detailing Future’s sons and daughters, their mothers, and dates of birth:

NameMotherDate of Birth
Jakobi WilburnJessica Smithearly 2000s (exact unknown)
Hendrix WilburnJessica Smith2001
Prince WilburnBrittni Mealy2016
Future Zahir WilburnCiara2002
Kash WilburnIndia J~2018 (exact unknown)
Paris WilburnJoie Chavis2018
Reign WilburnEliza ReignApril 2018
Londyn WilburnUnknown2020
Shai MossJessica ShawExact unknown

As shown, Future’s kids range from young adults to babies, with ages spanning 19 years between Hendrix and Londyn.

Who are the Mothers of Hendrix Wilburn’s Siblings?

Mothers of Hendrix Wilburn’s Siblings

Here is some background on the mothers of Hendrix Wilburn’s half-siblings:

Brittni Mealy

Brittni Mealy had an on-again, off-again relationship with Future starting in 2014. She gave birth to Prince Wilburn in 2016. Brittni is an Instagram model and entrepreneur with over 1 million followers.

Brittni runs a custom jewelry business making high-end diamond pieces called Royalty. She was previously engaged to Future though their relationship status is unclear currently.

India J

Not much is publicly known about India J, the reported mother of Kash Wilburn born in 2018. India J keeps a very low profile and likely values privacy based on limited details surrounding Kash.

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is the mother of Hendrix Wilburn and his brother Jakobi, Future’s first two sons. Similar to India J, Jessica Smith avoids the spotlight focusing on raising her sons rather than fame.

Jessica gave birth to Hendrix in 2001 and Jakobi at an unknown date, keeping details private about her children.


Ciara is a talented, famous R&B singer in her own right beyond her relationship with Future. She was married to rapper Future from 2013 to 2014.

During their marriage, Future legally adopted her son Future Zahir Wilburn and gave him his last name. After a dramatic split, joint custody was awarded over Future Jr.

Joie Chavis

Joie Chavis is a model and influencer with a significant Instagram following. She gave birth to daughter Paris Wilburn with Future in 2018.

Initially, there was uncertainty if Paris’ real father was Future or Bow Wow until a paternity test confirmed it was in fact Future. Joie Chavis shares custody with Future over Paris.

Eliza Seraphin

Eliza Seraphin, also known as Eliza Reign, is an Instagram model who had daughter Reign with Future in April 2018. Eliza has over 400,000 Instagram followers.

Eliza and Future had a very public court battle over child support payments and custody rights over Reign which continues to unfold and make headlines.

The Face of Future’s Growing Family Tree

Rapper Future leads an extremely private personal life. While his music and performances are very public, he intentionally keeps his children out of the spotlight. This allows them privacy to grow up with some normalcy despite their famous family ties.

As the first born, Hendrix Wilburn is the face of Future’s ever-growing modern family tree. Hendrix navigates split custody between his mother Jessica Smith and father Future’s luxury lifestyle.

Future has had very public yet short-lived relationships with women like Ciara and Brittni Mealy. His other children’s mothers like Jessica Smith, India J, and Eliza Seraphin, remain behind the scenes avoiding publicity.

One thing is for certain – with 8 children and counting with 8 different women so far, rapper Future prioritizes fatherhood above all. Despite his opaque personal affairs, he has made sure each of his kids is provided for whether with luxury goods or million-dollar trust funds.

While all of Hendrix Wilburn’s siblings lead very different lives, they seem connected by the musical talents and prosperity inherited from rap icon Future. Only time will tell if more half-siblings join the list for Hendrix and if Future ever settles down. For now, the Wilburn siblings continue leading lavish childhoods thanks to Future’s fortune and fierce protectiveness over his ever-expanding family.

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Final Words

Rapper Future’s son Hendrix Wilburn navigates life with 7 half-siblings from his father’s relationships. Ranging from teens to babies, Hendrix’s brothers and sisters each lead private lives, some enjoying luxury from Future’s fortune. While keeping personal affairs opaque and details scarce, one thing’s undeniable – Future cherishes fatherhood and family. Despite complicated bonds, perhaps music and prosperity will one day unite the Wilburn siblings’ far-reaching family tree rooted in their iconic rapper dad.

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