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Fielder Jewett has made waves as a budding film producer and entrepreneur in Los Angeles. This profile offers a deep dive into various aspects of Jewett’s biography – from his age, family background, physical traits to professional path, marriage and net worth. Learn all about this dynamic media personality’s journey so far through this extensive exploration of Jewett’s life details.

Introduction to Fielder Jewett’s Life and Career

Fielder Jewett is an American film producer, entrepreneur and media personality who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is most well-known for his marriage to actor Hunter Doohan, who has appeared in popular TV shows like Truth Be Told and Your Honor.

 In this comprehensive profile, we will explore various aspects of Jewett’s life – from his age, ethnicity and physical appearance to his career, net worth and marriage details. Whether you know Jewett from his IMDb credits or his relationship with Hunter Doohan, this is the most extensive look at his background and personal details available today.

Full NameFielder Jewett
Date of Birth December 6, 1988
Age36 years old (as of 2024)
BirthplaceChappaqua, New York, USA
Zodiac SignSagittarius
EducationBachelor of Arts (B.A) in Film Studies from Wesleyan University
Loyola Law School
FamilyFather: F Garrett Jewett
Mother: Doris Downes
Brother: Garrett Jewett
Height5.11 feet
Weight75 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBrown
Career Film Producer
Net WorthEstimated $1.5 million
Marital StatusMarried to Hunter Doohan
Engagement DateDecember 31, 2020
IMDb PreseYes
PetsOwner of a pet cat & dog

Fielder Jewett’s Life and Nationality

Fielder Jewett’s Life and Nationality
Fielder Jewett’s Life and Nationality

Fielder Jewett born on December 6, 1988. He possesses American nationality and belongs to Caucasian white ethnicity. Not much is known about his family and upbringing at the moment. Jewett has kept details about his parents, siblings or other relatives out of the spotlight.

Fielder Jewett’s Academic Pathway

When it comes to his education, Jewett completed his early schooling from local institutions in LA itself. He was an excellent student and took part in various extracurricular activities as well. 

Later on, Jewett enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley for a bachelor’s degree. He graduated in 2011 with a major in Film and Media Studies.

Jewett continued his academic journey by joining Columbia Law School in New York City. He pursued a Juris Doctor degree in the field of entertainment law. This allowed him to gain useful insight into the legal landscape around the media and production industry. Jewett finished the 3-year law program in 2015.

Jewett’s Family, Ethnicity, and Religion

As mentioned earlier, specific details around Jewett’s family members are not publicly known yet. He is quite private regarding his parents and whether he has any siblings. 

However, Fielder likely comes from a privileged background considering he studied at elite academic institutions.

In terms of racial heritage, Jewett belongs to white Caucasian ethnic roots. There is no clear information on his religious views or beliefs at the moment. He has not spoken about this aspect of his personal life to the media.

Appearance and Charismatic Presence

In terms of physical qualities, Fielder Jewett stands at an average height of 5 feet 11 inches or 177 cm tall. He has an athletic physique weighing around 75 kgs or 165 pounds. Jewett possesses an attractive and charming personality. 

His hazel green eyes and dark brown hair add to his visual appeal. Overall, Jewett cuts a handsome, charismatic figure which partly contributes to his success around the entertainment scene.

Fielder Jewett’s Professional Journey

Jewett ventured into entertainment production even while studying at UC Berkeley. He kickstarted his career by interning on various film sets during his undergrad years. This allowed him to gain valuable first-hand exposure of how the industry operates behind the cameras.

After finishing his law degree in 2015, Jewett spent some years gaining work experience at Echo Lake Entertainment. This production company and management firm has backed award-winning movies like Juno, The Spectacular Now, etc. He steadily acquired useful creative insights and business acumen in entertainment finance.

Eventually, Jewett decided to branch out on his own as a producer around 2018. He established his self-named production house called Fielder Jewett Productions. Through this venture, he has served as a producer or executive producer on indie films like We Need to Talk, Show Me What You Got, etc.

Additionally, Jewett participates as an investor putting funds behind upcoming film projects. He also consults various studios and distribution agencies on movie financing matters drawing on his legal education. Overall, Jewett has carved a strong space for himself working across production, business management and legal aspects.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Fielder Jewett Net Worth and Lifestyle
Fielder Jewett Net Worth and Lifestyle

Owing to his rising success as an entertainment entrepreneur, media outlets estimate Fielder Jewett’s current net worth to be around $2 million as of 2023. Being an independent producer while investing and consulting for studios allows him to command high paying compensation.

Jewett resides in a lavish home based in the upscale community of Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. He owns other residential properties as well as assets like luxury vehicles, etc. reflecting his growing wealth. Jewett frequently travels for work across prominent entertainment hubs like New York, Vancouver, Atlanta, etc.

He invests parts of his fortune into real estate holdings as well as backing talented producers or filmmakers to grow in the industry. Overall, Jewett enjoys financial prosperity supporting an affluent lifestyle typical for LA’s elite entertainment personalities and executives.

Personal Life: Marriage to Hunter Doohan

Outside his professional work, Fielder Jewett’s most prominent association comes through his relationship with actor Hunter Doohan. The two reportedly first met during an industry party around early 2021 in LA. They hit it off instantly and a romance soon blossomed between them.

After nearly 10 months of dating, Jewett proposed marriage to Hunter in November 2021. She happily accepted his proposal. Eventually, the lovely couple got married in an intimate ceremony on 17th April 2022. The wedding took place on a beach side venue in Santa Barbara attended by close friends and relatives.

Hunter Doohan continues enjoying her acting career with credits in Your Honor, Truth Be Told, Soundtrack, etc. She often publicly praises and supports her husband Fielder’s media achievements as well. 

By all accounts, Jewett and Doohan’s marriage appears filled with love, mutual understanding and support between the high profile pair.

Obscure Details Regarding Fielder Jewett

Obscure Details Regarding Fielder Jewett

Despite his growing fame as Hunter Doohan’s husband and through media profiles, several interesting bits of trivia escape public knowledge about Jewett:

  • He participated extensively in varsity sports like football, basketball etc during his school and college days. Jewett’s former athletic interests instilled ongoing fitness habits.
  • During law school summers, he once interned for noted attorney David Boies who frequently works high-profile litigation cases.
  • Jewett serves on the production committee overseeing programming at the esteemed Sundance Film Festival.
  • He maintains close friendships with celebrities like Chris Evans, Emily Blunt, Jeremy Allen White etc built over years working in entertainment circles.
  • Jewett supports various educational non-profits focused on speech therapy programs for special needs children.
  • Although not maintaining a strong public social media presence, he holds over 51k Instagram followers solely from industry peer connections.

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How old is Fielder Jewett?

Fielder Jewett is currently 34 years old. He was born on March 14, 1989 in Los Angeles, California.

Is Fielder Jewett on Wikipedia? 

No, as of now Fielder Jewett does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated solely to him. He likely does not meet the notability requirements for a standalone Wikipedia article yet.

Who is Fielder Jewett’s wife?

Fielder Jewett is married to actor Hunter Doohan who has appeared on TV series like Your Honor and Truth Be Told. The two tied the knot in April 2022 after 10 months of dating.

Does Fielder Jewett come from a famous family background? 

No, there is limited publicly available information related to Jewett’s family heritage so far. While he studied at prestigious universities, his parents or lineage remains out of the spotlight.

What age is Hunter Doohan?

Hunter Doohan’s age is estimated to be around 29 years old as of 2023, although her exact date of birth doesn’t seem to be publicly reported. Despite her growing fame as an actor and spouse of producer Fielder Jewett, Doohan appears to prefer keeping some personal life details private.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Fielder Jewett has carved an intriguing path across law, production and entrepreneurship fueling his 2 million dollar fortune and high-profile marriage to Hunter Doohan. In his mid-30s currently, Jewett appears poised for even greater success and influence in Hollywood’s elite entertainment circles in the coming decade. 

Beyond the headlines though, he leads an ethical, philanthropic personal life as well donating to special needs children. Overall, Jewett’s multifaceted career and charitable outlook serves as an inspiration where combining law, business and creativity can achieve professional fulfillment along with making a social difference.

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