Is Mbappe Gay? The Truth About The Kylian Mbappé Relationship

Over the last few years, Kylian Mbappé has rapidly become one of the biggest superstars in football. His meteoric rise, record-shattering achievements, and leadership on the French National Team have made him impossible to ignore. 

However, along with the 23-year-old’s incredible skills and successes on the pitch comes heightened public intrigue into Mbappé’s life off the field. This has sparked intense speculation, rumors, and debate around one particular question – is Kylian Mbappé gay?

Mbappé’s Meteoritic Rise in Football

First, to understand why Mbappé finds himself under constant scrutiny, it’s important to recognize his status as a phenom talent in the world’s most popular sport. After bursting onto the professional scene as a teenager with AS Monaco, Mbappé’s electrifying pace, nose for goal, and audacious skill made the football world take notice. 

His outstanding performances fueled Monaco’s shocking 2016-17 Ligue 1 title victory and deep Champions League run when he was just 18 years old.

This prompted French giants Paris Saint-Germain to sign Mbappé for a staggering €180 million fee – the 2nd highest transfer ever. At PSG, the young phenom formed a devastating attacking trident with Neymar and Edinson Cavani, continuing to shatter Ligue 1 records and winning multiple league crowns plus domestic cups.

Mbappé’s Preference for a Private Personal Life

However, while Mbappé (kylian mbappe) clearly relishes competing at the highest level, he values privacy in his personal affairs. Unlike many football stars, the French striker (kylian mbappe gay) gives little access to his private life through social media and rarely comments on matters off the pitch. 

This includes revealing little about any romantic relationships, leaving the door open for public speculation.

YearClubAppearancesGoalsAssistsTrophies Won
2016-17Monaco442614Ligue 1
2017-PresentPSG2141901044x Ligue 1, 3x French Cup, 3x French League Cup, 3x French Super Cup

Looking at Mbappé’s Past Relationships

While Mbappé himself remains mum about his dating life, a few alleged relationships have made headlines. Rumors connecting the superstar (kylian mbappe relationship) to French actress Emma Smet first surfaced in early 2022 when French magazine Nous Deux published photos of the pair together. 

However, Smet later vaguely addressed those images, leading most to conclude it was not an actual relationship.

There was also brief attention when Mbappé was spotted with part-time model Amira Benlahsen while on holiday in 2019. But any indication they dated faded quickly.

With no long-term confirmed girlfriends, this vacuum of information on Mbappé’s romantic status or sexuality left space for rumors to fester suggesting the striker may be gay.

How the Gay Rumors Around Mbappé Emerged?

Mbappe Girlfriend Ines Rau
Mbappe Girlfriend Ines Rau

Seeds for this speculation first started after photos emerged in May 2022 of Mbappé attending a high-profile event accompanying transgender model Ines Rau. Images showed them walking closely together, with Mbappé’s hand tenderly on Rau’s back, igniting a firestorm of rumors.

Given she made history as Playboy’s first openly transgender Playmate, Ines Rau is famous herself for breaking barriers. So Mbappé being potentially romantically tied to a prominent LGBTQ+ public figure immediately called his own sexuality into question.

[[Image| Mbappé spotted with transgender model Ines Rau adding fuel to gay rumors]]

Their appearance spawned speculation that Mbappé was moving away from hiding relationships with women to more openly dating a trans partner. 

However, after that event, the two have not been seen together publicly. And Mbappé did not respond to any media inquiries about the nature of their relationship or his sexuality, preferring his characteristic privacy. But rumors persist tied to their sighting.

Other Unverified Sightings Lead to Continued Speculation

Additionally, other vague supposed sightings have sustained gossip about Mbappé’s orientation without definitive proof.

French tabloid Paris Match published claims that locals spotted Mbappé having dinner with a “handsome mystery man” at a Parisian restaurant in 2021. And UK paper The Daily Mail printed social media rumors alleging Mbappé posted hints about relationships with men on secret secondary accounts.

While these unsubstantiated stories provide circumstantial dots, they connect to form only the loosest plausible picture about Mbappé’s orientation absent additional facts. 

However, with curiosity surrounding the football icon (kylian mbappe background) already running high, mere suggestion provides enough spark to keep speculation burning white hot rather than fading away given his status in the sport (kylian mbappe achievements).

Fact vs Fiction – What Can We Really Know?

And herein lies much of the trouble with making assumptions or repeating rumors about stars’ private lives – the lack of concrete, verifiable evidence to support them.

Yet salacious gossip will always generate more clicks and views than boring facts, incentivizing the endless rumor mill. So determining what factual information exists versus unproven claims allows clearer analysis.

The Ethical Quandary Around Discussing Celebrities’ Sexuality

Ethical Quandary Around Discussing Celebrities' Sexuality
Ethical Quandary Around Discussing Celebrities’ Sexuality

Firstly, while fans understandably feel connected to stars like Mbappé almost like pseudo friends, in truth ordinary fans have no genuine access to or deep familiarity with the athlete. So speculating, even with good intentions, about such personal matters crosses ethical lines.

Media and ethics expert Dr. Rebecca Moore explains the common mentality driving such invasive rumors: 

“People wrongly feel that being famous robs others of any right to privacy about their sexuality or relationships. They believe since celebrities choose the limelight through their work, every aspect of their lives becomes public property. But no one would accept strangers speculating about the intimate details of their relationships or sexuality simply because they work a public-facing job.”

This dangerous mentality allows public discourse and news coverage about stars to turn ugly, violating their basic rights. So everyone ought to check assumptions and respect boundaries even regarding celebrities.

Separating Mbappé the Person from Mbappé the Football Icon

Secondly, unraveling fact from fiction requires acknowledging the difference between Mbappé the record-breaking athletic wonder compared to Mbappé the private individual. His otherworldly talents and leadership efforts to lift trophies make him a football icon (kylian mbappe interview). 

But those career achievements relate not at all to how he chooses to live romantically off-pitch. Conflating the two allows his celebrity to wrongly justify invasions of privacy.

His sexuality or relationships do not change the player who shattered Pele’s longstanding World Cup goal record for France. Just like for ordinary LGBTQ+ persons, Mbappé deserves space to control revealing intimate details about his life. Rather than pick apart his dating habits, the focus belongs on applauding his incredible sporting successes.

Understanding the Reality of Living with Constant Speculation

Reality of Living with Constant Speculation

Furthermore, those insistent on conjecturing about Mbappé’s sexuality would be wise to study the costly emotional toll suffered by other stars. Actress Kristen Stewart opened up about life in the glare of fame’s microscope where people feel entitled to spread rumors about orientation, relationships, and any aspect of stars’ existence. She described it as “living in a giant panopticon observation prison” denying personal autonomy.

Similarly, according to retired English footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger: 

“You play football, you run after a ball for 90 minutes, you go home, and then you live your life. But as a famous footballer it’s very hard to lead a private life. There’s always people wanting information about you, guys following you to get stories about you.”

Constant pressure to disclose private details or respond to speculation certainly takes immense tolls.So rather than stoking flames under stars like Mbappé, the more ethical and decent choice lies with respecting privacy boundaries.

Learning from Past Mistreatment of LGBTQ+ Stars

Moreover, those quick to rumor also ought to study cautionary tales regarding LGBTQ+ persons forced out of sports historically. Even recently, stars like Aussie footballer Josh Cavallo bravely coming out continue facing horrific abuse, illustrating lingering dangerous attitudes.

So participating in speculation about Mbappé’s orientation risks enabling similar harm, even unintentionally. Instead, the lesson must get learned to allow fellow athletes space to address sexuality on their own terms, not have it forced upon them by public conjecture. Preemptively labeling Mbappé as anything without his consent remains problematic.

Mbappé’s Stands on Broader Issues of Equality and Inclusion

Although entirely separate from rumors about his personal relationships, Mbappé using his immense platform to champion social justice and human rights issues also warrants mention. The French phenom has been vocal supporting racial justice, speaking out harshly against racism in football especially.

Mbappé also partnered with NGOs like Inspired by Kylian Mbappé promoting access to sport for disadvantaged youth. And he collaborates frequently with disabled athletes to reinforce messaging around inclusion.

So seeing Mbappé promoting diversity, equality, and human rights overall does connect with associations to LGBTQ+ advocate Ines Rau strictly from an ideological standpoint regarding universal equity and non-discrimination. Though any conjectures beyond that about his sexuality itself remain unproven.

Where the Focus Should Be Instead – Mbappé’s Skills and Social Impact

Mbappé’s Skills and Social Impact

Ultimately, no matter Mbappé’s romantic relationships or sexuality, the football legend deserves respect regarding privacy plus appreciation for drive toward social justice. 

Since no one has any right to definitive knowledge about Mbappé’s orientation without his consent, such speculation wastes energy better directed to uplifting his stellar play and leadership. 

Mbappé’s remarkable runs weaving through world-class defenders will be remembered far longer than any gossip about his dating life.

The young striker’s selfless striker and infectious joy elevating France to World Cup glory encapsulate everything wonderful regarding sports. Rather than pick apart off-field matters not affecting anyone beyond Kylian himself, fans ought to focus cheering the electrifying player bringing glory to country. Mbappé makes the beautiful game even more beautiful through skill and spirit. What happens in his private romantic affairs simply does not change that fact.

The curious looking to know more about this global superstar would learn far more from reliving Mbappé’s greatest goals than paying any mind to unproven rumors about relationships. 

Let the man’s incredible magic speaking for himself on the pitch satiate the desire to know Mbappé better. Everything that genuinely matters regarding his legacy will come from boots, not bedrooms.

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Is Kylian Mbappé openly gay?

No, Kylian Mbappé has not openly discussed his sexuality. The football star is extremely private about his personal life and relationships. He has not directly confirmed or commented on any speculation around whether he may be gay.

Has Kylian Mbappé ever publicly dated anyone?

While there has been speculation over the years, Kylian Mbappé himself has never confirmed publicly dating anyone. He keeps romantic relationships very private.

What evidence exists suggesting Kylian Mbappé may be gay?

There is no definitive evidence. Photos with transgender model Ines Rau and unverified sightings have sparked recent rumors. But without confirmation from Mbappé, any suggestion about his orientation remains speculation.

Isn’t it the public’s right to know personal details about celebrities like Kylian Mbappé?

No, right to privacy around sexuality and relationships applies equally to celebrities as basic human rights. Fans are not entitled to nonconsensual personal information.

If Kylian Mbappé came out as LGBTQ+, would he still be respected?

Yes, Mbappé deserves respect regarding sexuality as with all human beings. His incredible skill and leadership on the pitch should remain the focus – not unverified aspects of his romantic life off it.


Kylian Mbappé’s meteoric football success has sparked intense public intrigue about his private life. However, speculation around his sexuality and dating habits crosses ethical lines, no matter how curious fans feel. 

Mbappé deserves privacy and consent regarding sexual orientation as a basic human right, the same as any individual. Though recent rumors about being seen with transgender model Ines Rau persist, he has not verified any details about relationships or personal identity. 

As the football icon continues shattering records on the pitch, the focus must remain on praising his historic skills and social impact, not unproven gossip. Mbappé’s talents awe without prying into his lawful off-field affairs. His legacy ought to inspire rights to dignity, equality and consent for all.

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