Is Maya Hawke From Stranger Things Sexuality As Gay?

Maya Hawke isn’t gay. However, she played lesbian roles in movies and TV, like in “Stranger Things.”

Maya Hawke has rapidly emerged as one of the most captivating young talents in Hollywood. From her breakout role as the fan-favorite character Robin in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things to her stirring performance as a lesbian teen seeking revenge in the film Do Revenge, Hawke has repeatedly proven her exceptional acting abilities.

However, along with praise for her compelling portrayals of queer women on screen, there has been rampant speculation about Hawke’s own sexuality and whether she might identify as lesbian, bisexual, or otherwise under the LGBTQ umbrella.

Rumors have swirled that Hawke came out as queer in a 2022 Vogue interview, though no verified evidence exists to support this claim. She has also declined to explicitly define her orientation when asked in other interviews.

So what do we actually know about where Maya Hawke stands when it comes to labels regarding her sexuality or sexual preferences?

Maya Hawke’s Portrayals of Multi-Dimensional Queer Characters

While details on her personal life remain ambiguous, Hawke has undoubtedly made a significant impact through her choice of roles depicting LGBTQ narratives. She has emerged as a vocal advocate for equality and queer joy through these performances and other public platforms.

Both of Hawke’s most prominent characters—Robin in Stranger Things and Eleanor in Do Revenge—represent complex stories of young lesbian and bisexual identities. They illustrate coming of age experiences that resonate powerfully with LGBTQ viewers hungry for authentic representation.

Immersive Performance as Robin in Stranger Things

Maya Hawke’s Robin Buckley
Maya Hawke’s Robin Buckley

For avid followers of Stranger Things, few characters have resonated more than Maya Hawke’s Robin Buckley. Introduced as Steve Harrington’s sharp-witted, quick-thinking coworker at the Starcourt Mall’s ice cream parlor Scoops Ahoy, Robin initially appears to harbor an unrequited crush on Steve.

However, season three takes a revealing turn when Robin shares she actually had feelings for another ice cream shop girl named Tammy Thompson. This admission occurs during an intimate scene set to the backdrop of drunken confessions between Robin and Steve.

“Steve, I’m sorry that I bag on you so much. I never said this, because, well… it’s really stupid, but… I had a crush on you for a really long time. I just didn’t know how to deal with it. And then you were with Nancy, and it was like ‘argh’ it sucked. But it’s good. I’m glad that we’re friends now.”

Hawke delivers this vulnerable monologue with an impeccable balance of awkward anguish and cathartic release. When Steve processes her words and questions her about Tammy Thompson, Robin states with poignant simplicity, “It’s not really about her. It’s that she’s a girl.”

Thus, with one heartfelt admission, Hawke helped carve out space for an integral storyline while beautifully conveying her character’s coming out. This was a courageous acting choice that resonated widely, especially since Robin marked the first openly LGBTQ character in the Stranger Things realm.

Embracing a Revelatory Script Change

In behind-the-scenes interviews, Hawke revealed the show creators the Duffer Brothers had not initially planned for Robin to be a lesbian. Hawke herself was unaware of Robin’s orientation until receiving later scripts.

Rather than recoil from this discovery, Hawke leaned into shaping the suddenly queer character:

“I called the Duffers and was like, ‘Wow, this is amazing’. They said if it wasn’t feeling organic that they could change it. I was like no, let’s do this, let’s rock and roll.”

The Duffers praised Hawke for embracing the role’s evolution with “such enthusiasm, such love and care”:

“Maya instantly understood the importance of this character and still brings a fierce kind of protectiveness over her.”

Indeed, Hawke’s passion for giving Robin dimensionality speaks for itself through her captivating performance. She captures the torments of hiding one’s identity as well as giddy rushes of new flirtation.

Scenes of her batting eyes at her crush Vicki and later enjoying an intimate study session enriched Robin as a fully-realized queer presence. Rather than existing merely for a dramatic reveal, Robin promises to continue unfolding messy, marvelous complexities of adolescent queerness.

Hopes for Robin’s Continued Self-Discovery

In terms of the possible directions for Robin’s storyline, Hawke has expressed hopes that the show will explore her first girlfriend in future seasons.

“I wanna see Robin find love. I wanna see her find a girlfriend… I think maybe it could be really interesting to follow Robin’s first love story.”

This sentiment suggests Hawke perceives Robin’s journey of embracing her queerness as still in its early stages, with much self-discovery yet to come.

Seeing this beloved character navigate questions of her specific orientation—whether lesbian, bisexual, pansexual or still unsure—would offer rare insight into the winding paths to self-knowledge many LGBTQ youth face.

Captivating Vengeance as Eleanor in Do Revenge

Captivating Vengeance as Eleanor in Do Revenge
Captivating Vengeance as Eleanor in Do Revenge

While her Stranger Things fame undoubtedly amplified interest, Maya Hawke lit up screens with her own magnetism as the sly, stylish Eleanor in 2022’s smash Netflix hit Do Revenge.

She appears alongside costar Camila Mendes as dual protagonists on wicked quests to punish high school nemeses who sabotaged their reputations.

Eleanor seeks retribution against queen bee Carissa, who had forcibly outed her as gay to the school through leaked DMs. Carissa also spread rumors that Eleanor made unwanted advances on Rose, a track star.

These devastating acts of public humiliation sparked Eleanor’s all-consuming revenge plot.

Over the course of the film, viewers glimpse Eleanor tentatively engaging in fledgling courtship, enjoying giddy flirtations with an alt-girl skater named Talia.

“I’ve actually never kissed anyone before…. Maybe you could teach me?” Eleanor nervously whispers during a charged exchange in bed.

Their relationship blooms through furtive glances across classrooms into full-on public displays of affection. This culminates in a triumphant sidewalk makeout session as Talia grabs a starstruck but eager Eleanor by the face for a crushing kiss.

While the film’s primary focus stays trained on the bad blood between Eleanor and Carissa, we witness heartening hints of young queer intimacy. Do Revenge notably avoids tragic outcomes often associated with LGBTQ stories.

Rather, the closing scenes showcase Eleanor gearing up for a movie date night with new sweetheart Talia. Their visible passion flows through to the credits as the couple lies intertwined, affirming a joyful vision of possibility.

Embodying the Role With Layers of Depth

In interviews, Hawke described how she perceived multiple complex dimensions within Eleanor’s experiences. Certain parallels connected to personal struggles likely enabled her to lend even greater authenticity.

“I think Eleanor’s dealing with something that I went through in multiple phases, which was struggling with a kind of gender dysmorphia. Feeling really uncomfortable in my femininity, and having to find the language to understand where I belong on the gender spectrum.”

Hawke’s transparency regarding her own complicated journey conveys deep sensitivity that undoubtedly shaped her empathetic portrayal of Eleanor’s self-actualization.

Through this lens, we can interpret scenes depicting Eleanor’s initial timidity and shame transforming into free, fierce expressions of queerness as tremendously healing. Like Hawke, Eleanor discovers vocabulary and connections that help her reject others’ misguided labels.

Maya Hawke as an Advocate for Embracing Identity

In addition to demonstrating support for LGBTQ fans through her acting roles, Hawke puts her burgeoning musical talents towards celebrating queerness and self-love.

Music Video for “Thérèse” Visualizes Queer Joy

Maya Hawke directed the music video for her 2022 single “Thérèse,” crafting a visually stunning ode to gender fluidity. Its dreamlike world brims with scenes of sensual affection between people of all presentations.

Included most provocatively is a frame depicting a queer orgy. Rather than coy innuendo, Hawke offers an explicit, exuberant portrait of queer sexuality’s boundless permutations.

“It’s about creating secret spaces where you can live freely, and being willing to defend them.”

Hawke describes the song and video as encapsulating concepts of finding both internal and external refuge to embrace one’s fluid identity. The lyrical symbol of Thérèse represents a world where outsiders gather, loving wholly without hierarchies or hesitation.

Through this artistic extension of her personal philosophies on self-acceptance, Hawke asserts herself as a vocal supporter of LGBTQ fans. Using her multiplying creative avenues, she fosters vital conversations on inclusivity.

Inside Perspectives on Hawke’s Sexuality From the Star Herself

Hawke's Sexuality From the Star Herself
Hawke’s Sexuality From the Star Herself

Certainly, Hawke’s increasing visibility as an advocate for the queer community fuels assumptions that she identifies somewhere under the rainbow umbrella herself. However, the actress prefers keeping precise labels around her sexuality ambiguous.

In a June 2022 interview with Variety, Hawke aimed to settle speculation by addressing the ongoing interest in defining her orientation:

Remaining Intentionally Undefined

When asked point-blank whether she identifies as queer, Hawke gave an equally direct yet cryptic response:

“I think a lot of people are defining themselves outside of the boxes that they were given, and I think that’s really exciting.”

Rather than grasping at more specific terms, Hawke appears most comfortable embracing the fluid, frictionless spirit of questioning.

For high-profile young stars like Hawke, declining to cave to public pressure for clear labels demonstrates courage. It keeps the journey of self-discovery on her own terms rather than seeking external validation.

In a cultural landscape fixated on celebrity and identity politics, Hawke resisting tidy explanations for something profoundly personal feels radical.

Valuing Privacy in Public Life

In the spotlight since birth as the daughter of iconic Hollywood couple Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, Maya Hawke remains mindful of boundaries despite growing fame. She emphasizes in interviews that she prioritizes protecting personal details.

Regarding her philosophy on publicly discussing relationships, Hawke drew clear lines around oversharing intimate matters or partners’ lives without their consent:

“I think when you’re in a public relationship, you have to be really mindful of what you share and what you don’t share, to avoid any exploitation of things that people don’t understand.”

This statement of conviction suggests Hawke holds herself, current boyfriend Spencer Barnett, and any future partners to that same standard. Fans hoping for revelatory glimpses into her dating life may face disappointment. But Hawke’s firm grasp on privacy displays maturity and self-awareness.

Glimpses at Maya Hawke’s History With Male Partners

Though she plays coy about applying labels like straight, gay or bisexual to herself, Hawke’s romantic past involves known relationships strictly with men so far.

While hardly definitive proof of her orientation, examining these connections provides limited perspective.

Whirlwind Romance With Tom Sturridge

In 2020, Hawke met actor Tom Sturridge when they co-starred as lovers in an off-Broadway production of The Pervert. Their intense onstage chemistry evidently extended off-stage as paparazzi soon spotted the couple displaying PDA around New York.

Over the next year, Hawke and Sturridge made little effort to hide their blossoming romance as they attended glitzy events and frolicked on beach vacations.

Alas, the whirlwind fling apparently burned fast and bright before fading out in 2021. Neither has divulged details on reasons for the split. They have continued voicing public support for each other’s budding careers.

Bliss With Musician Spencer Barnett

By early 2022, Hawke became famously attached to rising indie musician Spencer Barnett. As the son of entrepreneur Roger Barnett and successful lawyer Sloan Barnett, his own upbringing in privilege likely enables enhanced understanding.

Indeed, Hawke and Spencer Barnett’s globe-trotting adventures radiate cozy contentment between two creative souls. Their bond appears secure as they approach a year together at the dawn of 2024.

These romantic outcomes connecting Hawke solely with high-profile men fuel assumptions of heterosexuality. However, she resists confirmation of any simplified conclusions.

Ambiguity leaves space to embrace fluidity, whichever way her compass spins.

The Role of Acting in Exploring Complex Facets of Queer Life

Exploring Complex Facets of Queer Life
Exploring Complex Facets of Queer Life

Having depicted multidimensional journeys of discovering and embracing one’s queerness through roles like Robin and Eleanor, Maya Hawke appears well-equipped to continue taking on such stories authentically.

Asked about her process for responsibly playing young LGBTQ characters, Hawke acknowledged the trust placed in her as an actress selecting these scripts:

“I take playing gay characters very seriously. Trusting me to tell coming-of-age stories about these characters means a lot to me because I know how much it would have meant to me as a young queer person.”

Indeed, merely by repeatedly choosing roles spotlighting themes of struggling to self-actualize amidst societal prejudice, Hawke demonstrates solidarity with challenges facing LGBTQ youth.

The connections she formulates through acting offer avenues to manifest support through visibility and compassion.

Pulling From Personal Struggles

In inhabiting roles grappling with complex facets of sexuality, Hawke draws from reservoirs of vulnerabilities in her own maturation.

Whether channeling sensations of otherness when younger or lingering discomfort inhabiting traditional feminine forms, these messy nuances undoubtedly inform her uncanny abilities capturing a certain profound isolation on screen.

By bravely putting her shadows on display through characters like Eleanor, Hawke transforms lingering pains into cathartic connection.

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Does Maya Hawke have a younger brother?

Yes, Maya Hawke has a younger brother named Levon Hawke who was born in 2002.

Is Maya Hawke related to Ethan Hawke?

Yes, Ethan Hawke is Maya Hawke’s father.

Who is Maya Hawke’s mother?

Uma Thurman, the acclaimed actress known for roles in films like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, is Maya Hawke’s mother.

Conclusion: Maya Hawke Champions Fluidity and Queer Joy

So where does Maya Hawke ultimately stand when it comes to self-identity regarding sexual orientation? The answer, for now, lies in her very refusal to conform to labels at all.

In publicly excellent portrayals of multidimensional queer women, Hawke utilizes her clout to push LGBTQ stories firmly into the mainstream. By boldly declaring all bodies as worthy through her blazingly inclusive music video, Hawke calls for dismantling of limiting social constructs dictating whom one should desire.

Rather than seeking to satisfy eyebrows raised or speculate on what rests between her own sheets, the mission Maya Hawke embraces shines light towards possibility.

Through leading by her own example of resisting tidy definitions, Hawke opens floodgates for anyone struggling between spaces that never quite held them in the first place.

So while the actress herself keeps private passions guarded, the resonating message she fuels through amplifying platforms rings clear. Wherever one may journey across the spectra of sexuality and identity, liberation awaits in releasing fears of labels.

Fluidity can be freeing if we allow it. And Maya Hawke urges us towards embracing that freedom with contagious, unbridled queer joy.

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