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You know that easygoing, beach bum vibe Jimmy Buffett exudes? The one that makes you want to kick back with a margarita and soak up some rays? Well, that iconic laid-back persona has roots in his marriage to Margie Washichek – his first wife.

Before the fame, the fortune, and the cheeseburgers in paradise, Margie was the woman who believed in Jimmy’s far-out tropical tunes. She stood by his side through the lean years, helping him chase those “Margaritaville” dreams before they were household hits.

So let’s dive into the life of the muse who inspired Jimmy’s sojourn into a world of swaying palms and endless summers. The woman behind the music icon – Margie Washichek’s untold story.

Margie Washichek (Jimmy Buffett’s Ex-Wife) Biography And Wiki

You know that lovable beach bum-turned-icon who brought us gems like “Cheeseburger in Paradise”?

Margie can claim a front-row seat to his humble beginnings as Jimmy Buffett’s first wife.

Their storybook marriage may not have lasted forever, but she witnessed those critical early years that shaped his legendary career.


Born on December 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Margie blew out 77 candles on her last birthday.

As she’s gearing up to turn 78 this year, one can’t help but imagine the wealth of stories and experiences she’s collected over the decades.


At approximately 5 feet 5 inches (or around 1.65 meters for our metric folks), Margie’s height is about average for an American woman.

But her role in Jimmy’s life was anything but ordinary.

Education Background

Education Background
Education Background

Fate crossed Margie’s path with Jimmy’s at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.

While she studied English, prepping for a future of weaving words, Jimmy honed his journalism chops – skills that would later bring his lyrics to life.


These college sweethearts took the plunge in 1969, tying the knot amid dreams of making it big.

For three years, Margie stood by Jimmy’s side as he chased his musical ambitions, even moving with him to Nashville, Tennessee.


Despite their deep connection, Margie and Jimmy’s marriage didn’t produce any children.

However, Jimmy went on to have two daughters – Savannah Jane and Sarah Delaney – plus an adopted son named Cameron Marley with his later wife, Jane Slagsvol.


While details about Margie’s family background are scarce, her bond with Jimmy Buffett’s family was once undeniable.

After all, she was the first to officially join the Buffett clan through marriage, even if their union didn’t last.


During those Nashville years, Margie worked as a secretary at a publishing company to help make ends meet.

Meanwhile, Jimmy hustled to turn his musical aspirations into a reality – a dream Margie supported every step of the way.

Net Worth

Life after divorcing a celebrity is never easy, but Margie seemingly made her way just fine.

Her net worth is estimated to range from $500,000 to $1.5 million as of 2024 – a comfortable nest egg, regardless of her ex’s massive fortune.

Social Media

In our modern era of oversharing, Margie keeps things pretty low-key on social media.

You won’t find her dishing any hot goss about her famous ex, but she does maintain a presence on X (formerly Twitter).

The Woman Behind The Music Icon

The Woman Behind The Music Icon
The Woman Behind The Music Icon

At the end of the day, Margie Washichek’s life story is about way more than just being Jimmy Buffett’s ex-wife.

She was the supportive partner who stood by him when his dreams seemed crazy to everyone else.

The woman who took a chance on love and did her part to help build the foundations of an iconic career.

Her journey reminds us that behind every successful person, there’s often an unsung partner who weathered the risks and roller coaster of chasing big ambitions.

So next time you’re sipping a margarita and swaying to “Son of a Son of a Sailor,” spare a thought for Margie Washichek.

The woman who held Jimmy’s hand through those lean years before he made it big.

The Woman Behind The Struggles

Margie’s steadfast belief in Jimmy’s talent came with plenty of struggles and uncertainties in those early days. As he bounced between Nashville gigs and open mic nights trying to get his sound noticed, money was always tight.

According to Jimmy’s own memoir, there were times he had to borrow cash from Margie just to put gas in his truck and get to his next performing spot. Despite the financial strains and lack of mainstream success, she doubled down on supporting his offbeat, gulf-coast inspired musical dreams.

In one particularly lean year, the couple was forced to spend Thanksgiving eating hot dogs heated over a hotel room’s bathroom sink when they couldn’t afford a proper meal. But even those rough patches didn’t shake Margie’s conviction that Jimmy’s carefree, escapist songs would one day catch on.

She witnessed him get laughed off stage at venues unprepared for his breezy, almost defiant departure from country music convention. Yet she remained his biggest fan, certain there were listeners out there ready to embrace Jimmy’s uniquely relaxed, margarita-sipping perspective when the world felt overly uptight.

The Big Break(up)

Sadly, Margie’s romantic relationship with Jimmy didn’t outlast the lean years. The couple divorced in 1972, right before his luck turned and he scored his first major record deal. While the split was undoubtedly painful for both parties, Margie could take pride in standing by Jimmy when his aspirations seemed crazy to the rest of the world.

Though she didn’t reap the rewards of his eventual astronomical success and fame, those closest to the couple agree Margie’s emotional (and financial) support were instrumental in allowing Jimmy to keep chasing that far-fetched tropical tour guide persona. Her willingness to walk the hard road with him birthed the free-spirited, out-of-the-box hits that eventually made him a household name.

Post-Divorce Pursuits

Post-Divorce Pursuits
Post-Divorce Pursuits

In the wake of their divorce, Margie remained fiercely private, choosing to leave the spotlight to her musical ex. She traded in the unpredictable life of a starving artist’s wife for more secure, conventional pursuits – though few concrete details are publicly known.

What is clear, however, is that Margie carved her own path forward, free from the roller coaster of Jimmy’s careening career. While he found phenomenal success and worldwide recognition, she found peace and stability allowing her to live life comfortably, if quietly, on her own terms.

The estimated $500,000 to $1.5 million net worth she amassed speaks to her ability to not just survive, but thrive in the aftermath of their split. An admirable feat considering the emotional and financial upheaval many divorces often bring, especially in the entertainment sphere.

So while the name Margie Washichek will forever be tied to that of Jimmy Buffett’s, her legacy extends far beyond just being the first Mrs. Buffett. She was the woman who showed exceptional grit, resilience and faith in backing an underdog musician with an uncommon sound. Together, they willed “Margaritaville” into existence through sheer perseverance before going their separate ways.

And for that, Margie deserves to be more than a footnote in the story of Jimmy Buffett’s rise to fame. She was the muse who proved you don’t have to cross the finish line with someone to play an integral role in their success. An inspiration to never stop believing in far-fetched dreams, even when the world isn’t quite ready for them yet.

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Who was Jimmy Buffett’s first wife?

Jimmy Buffett’s first wife was Margie Washichek. They were married from 1969 to 1972 before getting divorced.

Is Jimmy Buffett still married to Jane Slagsvol?

Yes, Jimmy Buffett is still married to his second wife Jane Slagsvol. They have been married since 1977.

Who are Jimmy Buffett’s kids?

Jimmy Buffett has two daughters named Savannah Jane and Sarah Delaney with Jane Slagsvol. He also has an adopted son named Cameron Marley.

Where did Jimmy Buffett live?

In his early career, Jimmy Buffett lived in Nashville trying to make it as a musician. He has lived in various places like Miami and the Florida Keys over the years as his career took off.


Margie Washichek was the first wife of legendary singer Jimmy Buffett, sticking by his side before he struck it big. While he chased crazy dreams of beachy tunes, she provided stability, working a 9-to-5 to support them. Her unwavering belief in Jimmy’s unique sound kept him going through lean years of naysayers and laughs.

Though their marriage ended in 1972, Margie’s pivotal role can’t be overstated. She was the muse who willed “Margaritaville” into existence through her devotion. After their divorce, she carved her own comfortable life away from the limelight. An underrated partner who proved you don’t need to cross the finish line together to shape someone’s success story.

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