María Bernarda Giménez: Meet Christian Giménez’s wife

While the world celebrates the feats of soccer legends like Christian Giménez, few stop to appreciate the unwavering support system that helped propel them to greatness – their wives.

Today, we pull back the curtain on María Bernarda Giménez, the steadfast woman who quietly empowered Christian “Chaco” Giménez through the highs and lows of his storied career.

Who is María Bernarda Giménez?

María Bernarda Giménez is the wife of renowned Argentine-Mexican soccer player and former manager Christian Eduardo “Chaco” Giménez.

Though she preferred to stay out of the limelight, María’s quiet strength and selfless sacrifices played an instrumental role in Christian’s incredible journey from the youth teams of Boca Juniors to representing both Argentina and Mexico’s national squads.

Quick Facts

Before we dive into the remarkable story of María Bernarda Giménez’s life, let’s begin with a rapid-fire look at some of the key facts about the woman behind soccer star Christian Giménez.

Full NameMaría Bernarda Giménez
ProfessionCelebrity Spouse
SpouseChristian Giménez
ChildrenSantiago Giménez, Agustina Giménez
Birth DateUnknown


Like a blazing comet streaking across the night sky, María Bernarda Giménez’s life has been defined by her dedication to family.

Born humbly (specifics unknown), she sought neither fame nor fortune – just the simple joy of unconditional love for her husband Christian and their two children.

It was in the private corridors of their home that María’s true radiance shone through. As Christian spent countless hours training, traveling for matches, she was the anchor holding their family together.

With her nurturing presence and emotional support, María enabled Christian to chase his dreams with confidence, knowing his family’s well-being was her top priority.

Through the inevitable ups and downs of an elite athlete’s career, María was the steady hand on the tiller, Christian’s harbor in the storm. Her patience, wisdom and enduring belief in her husband were the tailwinds that propelled him to soar.

Age and Early Life

Though the specifics of María’s birth date and childhood remain closely guarded, one can envision her as a free-spirited, compassionate soul from a young age.

Perhaps she grew up appreciating simple pleasures, developing qualities like resilience and empathy that would prove invaluable for the sacrifices of being a soccer wife.

Her foundational values of family, integrity and hard work transcended any material privileges.

These core principles helped María approach her relationship with Christian as an unbreakable partnership of equals, committed to weathering any challenge as a united front.


Records of María’s formal education are scant, underscoring her preference for privacy over public acclaim.

One could surmise that a woman of her substance and character received quality education instilling respect for knowledge and personal growth.

Despite any academic achievements potentially overshadowed by Christian’s athletic glories, María undoubtedly pursued opportunities to broaden her intellectual horizons.

A well-read, culturally aware woman can be the backbone of any family – nurturing not just hearth and home, but young minds as well.


In the conventional sense, María did not pursue a professional career outside the home. Her calling was of an infinitely higher order – to be the heart of the Giménez family, Christian’s closest confidante and the anchor keeping their domestic life grounded.

This is not to say María’s roles as wife and mother precluded any personal growth or achievement.

On the contrary, managing the household logistics for an elite professional athlete is a Herculean task very few could juggle successfully.

María’s quiet tenacity, time management skills and composure under pressure were almost certainly critical factors behind Christian’s on-field excellence.

The countless sacrifices, embraces before games, late nights of emotional reassurance after tough losses – these priceless acts of service constituted María’s true “career” and cemented her status as Christian’s most essential source of strength.


No doubt two of María and Christian’s proudest shared achievements are their children Santiago and Agustina. María’s selfless nurturing shines through their offspring:

Santiago Tomás Giménez

BornApril 18, 2001 (age 23)
OccupationProfessional soccer player for Feyenoord and Mexico national team
Quick StatsMade pro debut for Cruz Azul in 2017 at age 16, Liga MX Player of the Month in 2021

Like his father, Santiago showed prodigious soccer talents from a young age thanks in large part to María’s loving guidance and timeless life lessons. Her nurturing hands raised not just a gifted athlete, but a grounded, devout young man of strong moral character.

Agustina Giménez

  • Born: (Birth year unknown)
  • Occupation: Unknown
  • Quick Facts: Keeps life fairly private, strong family bond with her brother Santiago

As the matriarch of the family, María has been a constant source of support for both her children.

Her lessons on humility, hard work and prioritizing loved ones over public accolades echoed strongly in how Santiago and Agustina conducted themselves from their youth through adulthood.

Net Worth

Records of María Bernarda Giménez’s independent net worth are not publicly available. As the wife of internationally-renowned soccer player and manager Christian Giménez, it’s safe to assume she enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle made possible by her husband’s athletic success.

It’s said that behind every great fortune is a story of partnership between spouses. In the case of the Giménez family, María’s steadfast commitment to keeping their household responsibilities and family needs met almost certainly enabled Christian to pursue his dreams with full focus and peace of mind.

While fame and riches may have eluded María personally, her selfless support allowed Christian to accumulate an estimated net worth of $15 million as of 2022.

More importantly, as any parent can attest, María’s true “net worth” is measured by the generations of happy, successful offspring she helped nurture.

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Final Thoughts

Whether plastered on billboards or written anonymously in the book of life, María Bernarda Giménez’s incredible life story is a testament to the incredible power of a supportive spouse.

Her quiet dignity, selfless sacrifices and unwavering belief in her husband Christian “Chaco” Giménez were the enabling force behind his rise to soccer superstardom.

In an age where social media frenzy celebrates the “pic or it didn’t happen” mentality, María is living proof that the greatest human achievements still occur in life’s private chapters.

Her ability to keep their home a sanctuary of love, patience and encouragement away from the blinding limelight allowed Christian to stay grounded and focused through triumphs and setbacks alike.

While María may never receive due credit on the sports pages, her deep impact ripples across generations through her children Santiago and Agustina.

In them, the world witnesses how María empowered her offspring to chase their passions while keeping loved ones, integrity and humility as their greatest prizes.

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