Marshall Faulk’s Ex-wife Lindsay Stoudt: A Musician & Beautician

She was the NFL wife who decided to take center stage herself. Lindsay Stoudt’s story is a fascinating one – from aspiring pop stardom to beauty mogul-dom, all while juggling high-profile romances and raising four awesome kids.

Sure, she was once married to legendary running back Marshall Faulk. But Lindsay was never content being just a jersey chaser’s wife. This multi-talented lady carved her own path, hustling as a singer, reality TV personality, entrepreneur, and fiercely devoted mom.

Get comfy as we spill the tea on Lindsay’s ever-evolving journey from normal Midwestern roots to extraordinary heights. It’s one wild ride you won’t want to miss!

Lindsay Stoudt is an Aspiring Musical Artist

Lindsay Stoudt is an Aspiring Musical Artist

Sure, her baby daddies were all about sports, but this multi-talented lady had other dreams. Back in 2011, Lindsay dropped her demo record “Pop Money” under the stage name Elle A. Yup, she was signed as a recording artist with SRC Universal Motown, ready to make those popstar dreams a reality.

Even today, she’s still hustling hard, releasing fresh tracks and performing live. It’s a side gig that lets her flex those creative muscles beyond just her family life.

Lindsay Stoudt Currently Operates an Esthetics Business

But music wasn’t Lindsay’s only passion project. This girl’s got an entrepreneurial spirit that just won’t quit! After dabbling in reality TV (more on that later), she opened up her own boutique skincare spa called Glam Boutique Spa.

The biz offered all the pampering services a girl could want – lashes, waxing, facials, the full nine yards. Even her ex Marshall showed up for the swanky grand opening. Talk about an amicable split!

These days, Lindsay’s shifted gears slightly with her latest venture: Skin By Lindsay Faulk. Rather than the full spa experience, she’s diving deep into developing her own product line of face serums, massage tools, and everything you need for an at-home facial sesh.

Lindsay and Marshall Faulk Were Married for 8 Years

Lindsay and Marshall Faulk Were Married for 8 Years

Speaking of exes, let’s rewind a bit to Lindsay’s marriage with the NFL superstar. These two lovebirds made it official way back in 2006, tying the knot at a ritzy hotel in Orlando.

For eight years, they were marital goals…until things took a turn in 2014. While the divorce was a bummer, at least Lindsay and Marshall kept things friendly for the sake of their three adorable daughters.

There’s no ugly mudslinging here, folks. Marshall even bankrolled Lindsay’s first spa venture as she ventured into her next chapter. Now that’s an ex you can be friends with!

Is Stoudt Still Dating Gilbert Arenas?

Speaking of new chapters, Lindsay didn’t stay single for too long post-divorce. By 2014, she was cozying up to another athletic hunk: retired basketball pro Gilbert Arenas.

The new lovebirds took their romance to the next level pretty quickly with baby #4 for Lindsay. Yup, in November 2014, their daughter Gia was born. Rumor has it they may have even added one more tiny human to their fam in 2016, but Lindsay shut that gossip down quick.

These days, it’s hard to say if the Arenas-Stoudt romance is still a thing. Gilbert’s been spotted with other ladies, though the two still reunite for occasions like their kid’s birthday and Father’s Day. At least they’re keeping it cordial for the littles’ sake!

Oh, and get this – Lindsay even sang the theme song for Gilbert’s TV show “Gil’s Arena.” Talk about an ex who keeps working!

Marshall Faulk’s Ex-wife is a Mother to Four Children

Through all her career pivots and romantic sagas, there’s one constant in Lindsay’s life: being a super mom to her four beautiful daughters.

She didn’t waste any time starting her family. Lindsay’s firstborn Presley arrived in 1999, with little sis Farrah following in 2002 – both before she walked down the aisle with Marshall.

The Faulk fam grew again after the “I dos,” welcoming a third daughter Brooklyn in 2007. Finally, Lindsay’s youngest Gia joined the party in 2014, courtesy of dad Gilbert Arenas.

Whether it’s spa dates, birthdays, or just regular family fun, you can bet this proud mama is front and center for all her girls’ big moments. She’s not just busting out tunes and beauty products – she’s raising a new generation of strong women.

Rumors of a Relationship with Derek Fisher

In the world of celebs and athletes, rumors fly quicker than Michael Jordan in his prime. Once the Lindsay-Gilbert relationship was public, tabloids went wild with theories that she’d also hooked up with another baller: Derek Fisher.

Was there any truth to the gossip? Who knows! Lindsay and Derek never actually addressed the rumor mill, so that tantalizing “maybe” still lingers.

Some Tidbits About Lindsay’s Family

For all her headline-making romances and career swerves, Lindsay’s roots go back to a simple Midwestern upbringing. She was born to David and Peggy Stoudt back in 1977, growing up in the same hometown as her grandparents.

Speaking of grandparents, Lindsay’s beloved grandma Barb spent her life as a bookkeeper at the local Wasson’s shop before passing in 2012. Grandpa Hubert Jr. joined her a few years later in 2017.

From Normal Beginnings to Extraordinary Paths

Whether chasing music stardom or slaying as a skincare mogul, it’s clear Lindsay’s life took some unexpected detours from her humble roots.

With her ambitious spirit and ability to constantly reinvent herself, who knows what other curveballs life has in store? One thing’s for sure – this ex-wife extraordinaire always keeps things interesting!

How Lindsay Balances the Glam and the Grind

For such a glam, high-profile lady, you’d think Lindsay is all about the red carpet lifestyle 24/7. But the reality (pun intended, based on her TV cameos!) is far from it.

Listen, raising four daughters while juggling multiple business ventures ain’t easy. Somehow, this supermom pulls it off with seeming ease. No, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty!

So how does Lindsay strike that tricky balance between glitz, grind, and family time? Rumor has it she’s a pro at squeezing in quality moments whenever she can – dance parties with the kids, laid-back at-home spa sessions, you name it.

The girl knows how to create simple yet meaningful memories away from the hustle and bustle. It’s those little pockets of zen that help her reset before diving back into the next big project or parenting challenge.

Lessons From Lindsay’s Ever-Evolving Journey

Lessons From Lindsay's Ever-Evolving Journey

Looking back at this multi-hyphenate’s path, there’s so much we could all learn. For starters, Lindsay’s the ultimate poster child for not being afraid to chase those wildly different dreams, even when society tells you to “pick a lane.”

She’s living proof that you can be a rockstar mom and still slay in your career – whether that’s music, entrepreneurship, or whatever sets your soul on fire. Just roll with the punches, keep reinventing yourself, and never lose that spark!

But most importantly, Lindsay’s story is a testament to keeping things positive, authentic, and real despite life’s ups and downs. Through divorces, career shifts, and who knows what other curveballs, she always brings her A-game.

With all that fearless energy and those unstoppable ambitions, we can’t wait to see what Lindsay levels up to next!

The Doors an Amicable Divorce Opened

While divorce is never easy, Lindsay’s split from Marshall Faulk showed her remarkable resilience. Rather than getting bogged down in negativity, she took it as an opportunity to explore new avenues.

Their amicable co-parenting situation gave Lindsay the freedom to spread her wings as an entrepreneur. With Marshall’s support for her spa venture, she got a taste of being her own boss and pursuing her passions.

The divorce chapter also opened Lindsay up to new romantic possibilities – which eventually led her to Gilbert Arenas and welcoming her fourth child Gia. Her ability to embrace change while keeping things positive is admirable.

Making It in a Man’s World

Let’s be real – the worlds of professional sports, music, and entrepreneurship are still heavily male-dominated. As an ambitious woman forging her own path, Lindsay has faced plenty of uphill battles.

From probably being the only NBA/NFL wife thinking about launching a singing career to opening businesses in historically male-run industries, she’s had to work triple time to prove herself.

But that never stopped her hustle! Lindsay powers through doubters and naysayers with her talent, determination and that signature confident spirit. Her journey stands as inspiration for any woman looking to shatter glass ceilings.

The Reality of Reality TV Stardom

For a glimpse into Lindsay’s life, fans could tune into her stints on reality shows like Basketball Wives LA and Beverly Hills Nannies. But how much of that was actually “real”?

Behind the scenes, Lindsay had to navigate the tricky world of portraying an authentic version of herself while still giving viewers the drama they craved. It’s a balance that’s trickier than it looks!

From dealing with skeptical castmates to inevitably catching flak from viewers, reality stardom came with its own set of challenges. Lindsay’s ability to take it all in stride showcases her unflappable persistence.

Laying the Groundwork for her Daughters’ Futures

Laying the Groundwork for her Daughters' Futures

For all her career achievements, Lindsay’s biggest legacy will be the incredible example she sets for her four daughters Presley, Farrah, Brooklyn, and Gia.

By watching their mom reinvent herself tirelessly while still being a hands-on parent, these girls are learning priceless lessons about tenacity, independence and chasing their dreams. They’re growing up seeing firsthand that women can thrive while defying gender norms and societal expectations.

Lindsay’s made it her mission to lay a strong foundation for her daughters’ futures – one where their aspirations know no limits and they define success by their own terms. That’s the kind of invaluable parenting that stretches way beyond the norm.

The Keys to Her Confidence & Authenticity

Whether rocking a mic, running a company, or just being a supermom, Lindsay always brings an ineffable coolness and authenticity. Her vibe oozes self-assurance without a hint of arrogance or insecurity.

So what’s her secret? For starters, surrounding herself with a solid, trustworthy support system who bring out the best in her. Having ride-or-die friends to turn to has been crucial through all her transitions.

Lindsay also seems to embrace a “no apologies” mentality for following her passions – an attitude that radiates outer confidence. She owns her multifaceted identities without letting others box her in or judge her ambitions.

Ultimately though, Lindsay’s authenticity shines through loudest. She does her own thing, from creating products she genuinely loves to pursuing side gigs that set her soul on fire. By living her fullest truth, Lindsay reminds us that confidence breeds from within.


Does Marshall Faulk have children?

Yes, Marshall Faulk has three children – daughters named Presley, Farrah, and Brooklyn – from his previous marriage to Lindsay Stoudt.

What is Marshall Faulk doing now?

These days, Marshall Faulk is working as an analyst and commentator for various NFL television broadcasts and shows. He provides expert analysis and insights into the game.

How many Popeyes does Marshall Faulk own?

Marshall Faulk is believed to own multiple Popeyes franchises, though the exact number is not publicly known. He has been involved with the fried chicken chain as a franchise owner and brand ambassador.

How big was Marshall Faulk?

Marshall Faulk, during his playing career in the NFL, stood at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed around 210-215 pounds. He was considered a smaller but extremely elusive and versatile running back.

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Final Words

While her ex-husbands ruled the sports world, free-spirited Lindsay was carving her own niche – as a singer, reality star, and self-made beauty boss. This multitalented firecracker defied expectations, dropping a pop demo, appearing on TV shows, and launching successful skincare businesses.

Through high-profile romances, divorces, and raising four fabulous daughters, Lindsay’s vibe stayed authentically cool and confident. Her ability to embrace life’s pivots, shatter norms, and chase every passion is so inspiring! From humble roots to extraordinary heights, Lindsay’s unstoppable journey reminds us to never dim our shine while forging our own daring paths.

Bold, fearless, and unapologetically herself – that’s the essence of this unstoppable ex-wife extraordinaire. Let’s raise a glam glass to Lindsay’s hustle!

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