Inside the life of Adin Ross Sister Naomi Ross

Naomi Ross has quickly become a prominent name amongst influencers and streamers. As the sister of gaming sensation Adin Ross, Naomi has leveraged her connection to her famous brother to carve out her own path to online stardom. Through savvy collaborations, risqué content and a glamorous lifestyle, Naomi has amassed over 100,000 followers across her social media.

But there is more to Naomi Ross than meets the eye. This ambitious starlet has showcased her talent for courting viral moments and controversy alike. Naomi continues to expand her reach and prominence through a multi-pronged strategy across Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and OnlyFans.

Get an inside look at the background, rise to fame, relationship with Adin Ross and current lifestyle of this fascinating influencer.

Naomi Ross’ Background – From Small Town Girl to Rising Social Media Star

Originally from the small city of Boca Raton, Florida, Naomi Ross had a seemingly normal childhood alongside her brother Adin. Though Naomi attracted attention for her beauty even early on, she remained relatively lowkey until adulthood.

Everything changed when Naomi began streaming on Twitch with Adin in 2018. At the time, Adin Ross was rapidly rising to fame as a gaming streamer, growing from thousands to millions of followers. Naomi leveraged her brother’s notoriety and their on-screen chemistry to quickly amass her own following.

Though Naomi got her initial boost from Adin’s success, she has more than proven herself as an entertainer and influencer in her own right. Let’s take a look at her meteoric rise.

Naomi’s Meteoric Rise to Fame – Collaborations, Controversies, and Clout

Naomi announced herself with a splash by participating in viral pranks and controversial moments. One of the biggest was when she pretended to hook up with Adin Ross’ friend and collaborator Zias. The resulting outburst and outrage from Adin pulsed across social media to the delight of fans.

Riding the momentum from moments like this, Naomi expanded her collaborations with major streamers. She began regularly appearing in videos and livestreams with industry heavyweights like IShowSpeed and YourRAGE.

Never one to shy away from risqué moves, Naomi also launched an OnlyFans account sharing exclusive photos and videos with paying subscribers. Between her platform savvy, dramatic flair and stunning looks, her follower count exploded.

Some decried her controversial methods, but Naomi remained undeterred. She continues to thrive at the intersection of influencer content creation and internet drama.

Relationship with Adin Ross – Supportive Siblings & Playful Pranks

Relationship with Adin Ross
Relationship with Adin Ross

While Naomi and Adin Ross occasionally have public spats, they ultimately maintain a close bond as brother and sister. Their days of innocent childhood together in Boca Raton remain the foundation.

Now even as major internet stars themselves, Naomi and Adin continue to keep each other grounded. Though Naomi spends most of her time in Los Angeles now, she visits the Clout House often to connect with Adin and collaborate.

The siblings poke fun at each other in good spirit, like siblings do. Naomi didn’t hesitate to prank Adin over his possible feelings about her fake involvement with Zias. Adin got her back by lying that he had “adopted” Naomi to his scandalized fans.

But their tight familial relationship shines through in the end. Adin and Naomi offer each other advice and support when needed. They use their immense platforms to promote each other’s projects and content. As Naomi quipped on an Instagram story, “Who else is lucky enough to have their brother as their best supporter?”

As Naomi’s career continues to surge upwards, she can count on her “#1 bro” Adin to cheer her on.

Inside Naomi Ross’ Glamorous Lifestyle Today

With fame and online stardom comes a lavish lifestyle – just ask Naomi Ross. Her Instagram is splashed with glimpses into the luxe world she inhabits today.

Based in the influencer paradise of Los Angeles, Naomi’s exotic travels and endless fashion photoshoots provide non-stop content. When home, she resides in a jaw-dropping modern mansion with amenities like a home gym and infinity pool overlooking the city.

Filling her garage are a Mercedes, Range Rover and other luxury vehicles. Her designer outfits and purses alone could pay a year’s rent. Naomi spares no expense on beauty treatments like massages, facials, lasering and skin treatments.

Yet she puts in real work as well to maintain her appearance. Naomi sticks to a strict fitness regimen she often shares with her followers. This includes gym sessions, pilates, hiking and boxing.

A typical day in Naomi’s fabulous life may include an early morning workout, luxurious pampering at a Beverly Hills spa, video and photo shoots showcasing new looks, and a night out at a celebrity hotspot with fellow influencers. It’s not a bad gig at all.

Naomi’s Content and Platforms – Her Multi-Pronged Strategy

A closer examination reveals Naomi Ross’ multi-pronged strategy across platforms that has enabled her ascent. She leverages each platform and its fanbase to support and cross-promote her presence on the others.

On Twitch, Naomi streams relaxed gaming sessions and Q&As with her followers. She uses her approachable personality to forge authentic connections with fans.

YouTube provides a home for Naomi’s vlogs and storytimes. She dishes on drama, reminisces on funny memories, and takes fans along on her events and travels here.

Instagram is Naomi’s hub for visual content: fashion shoots, bikini pics, travel photos and more. She also utilizes IG Stories to give followers a peek into her everyday routines.

Then there is OnlyFans – the controversial subscription only platform where Naomi shares exclusive NSFW content with paying members. This remains an ongoing source of fan interest and revenue.

By leveraging each platform, Naomi has built an empire that feeds into itself. Fans follow her across sites to get the full Naomi Ross experience. And with new platforms continuing to emerge, she always has room to expand.

The Future is Bright for This Rising Starlet

The Future is Bright for This Rising Starlet
The Future is Bright for This Rising Starlet

Naomi Ross’ relentless drive, business savvy and willingness to court controversy have catapulted her to stardom. She has stepped out of her brother Adin’s shadow to become an influencer force in her own right. With her glitzy lifestyle and multi-platform dominance, Naomi’s future looks brighter than ever.

What new directions will Naomi pursue next? Will she aim to conquer the entertainment world like a Kardashian? Collaborate with even bigger stars? Whatever she chooses, one thing is certain – we will be seeing a lot more of this talented starlet.

Naomi Ross has turned her initial online boost into a budding empire. Her fans eagerly follow each development in her luxurious yet sometimes turbulent life. If she continues on this trajectory, Naomi may well achieve her goal to become a household name.

The fascinating story of Naomi Ross shows that harnessing social media’s powers can open limitless doors. But we’ve likely only seen the beginning of what this creative and bold influencer has in store.

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The Sensational Influencer Doing It Her Way

Naomi Ross represents a new generation of digital celebrity. She has soared by being bold, business savvy and embracing controversy. Yet she stays true to her roots and family.

Naomi’s dazzling, chaotic and always compelling journey shows no signs of slowing down. If she continues hustling hard and being unapologetically herself, there is no limit to how high her star can rise.

In just a few years, Naomi has evolved from a small-town girl to an icon with millions of eyes on her. No matter what is next for Naomi Ross, one thing is for sure – the world will be watching.

Naomi Ross’ Must-Have Beauty Secrets

A standout part of Naomi Ross’ influencer appeal is her incredible beauty. Let’s pull back the curtain on some of Naomi’s top beauty secrets for achieving her flawless look.

1. Drinking Lots of Water – Hydration is key for clear skin. Naomi downs at least 2 liters of water daily, plus nutrient-rich smoothies.

2. Daily SPF – Naomi never skips sun protection, which shields against sun damage. She prefers mineral sunscreens to avoid chemicals.

3. Regular Facials – Nothing beats a radiant complexion like professional facials. Naomi gets customized deep cleaning facials every 2 weeks.

4. High-End Skincare – Naomi’s medicine cabinet is stocked with luxury products like La Mer and Tatcha creams costing $100s per jar. She also utilizes professional microneedling and laser treatments.

5. Clean Diet – Avoiding greasy fried foods keeps Naomi’s skin free of blemishes. She sticks to healthy whole foods, especially salmon for omega-3s.

6. Regular Exercise – Working up a sweat 3-4 times a week gives Naomi’s skin a natural glow while keeping fit. She does HIIT workouts and pilates.

7. Caffeine Eye Creams – To combat dark circles, Naomi relies on eye creams containing caffeine to deflate puffiness and refresh tired eyes.

8. Press-On Nails – Long pretty nails are a Naomi signature. She uses press-on fake nails with designs to get the look without damage.

9. Silk Pillowcases – To prevent wrinkles and bedhead, Naomi sleeps on soft silk pillows that are gentle on skin and hair.

10. Coconut Oil – The super moisturizing oil has many uses for Naomi, including a hair mask, hydrating body lotion and makeup remover.

While genetics play a role, Naomi puts in the work to look so fabulous. Steal her top beauty secrets to get her glow!

Naomi Ross’ Most Jaw-Dropping Fashion Moments

Naomi Ross' Most Jaw-Dropping Fashion Moments
Naomi Ross’ Most Jaw-Dropping Fashion Moments

When it comes to style, Naomi Ross loves making bold fashion choices. She regularly steps out in head-turning designer outfits and isn’t afraid to show some skin. Let’s ogle some of Naomi’s most stunning looks.

The Butterfly Dress – Naomi turned heads in this shimmery gold Alex Perry dress with a dramatic open back and butterfly sleeves. Glamazon!

Lady in Red – In sultry head-to-toe red leather pants and bustier, Naomi brought some va va voom daring to Fashion Week.

Sheer Moment – This barely-there see-through dress left little to imagination. But with her flawless figure, Naomi pulled it off flawlessly.

The Metallic Moment – Naomi shone brighter than a disco ball in a glittering Balmain jumpsuit and matching boots on a night out.

Goddess in Gucci – For her birthday, Naomi exuded luxury in a floral Gucci minidress and blazer that screamed designer diva.

Pretty in Pink – Showing her feminine side, Naomi chose a baby pink tiered tulle midi dress for a sweet, playful look.

White Hot – Naomi turned up the heat posing on the beach in a sizzling cut-out swimsuit with high-waisted bottom.

Which of her scene-stealing looks do you love most? When it comes to fashion, Naomi Ross never disappoints!

Get Naomi Ross’ Go-To Glam Routine

Wondering how Naomi Ross achieves her flawless glam for events and shoots? Let’s reveal her step-by-step glam routine. Naomi shares the products she swears by and tips for recreating her look.

1. Prep – Naomi starts with skincare, applying vitamin C serum, moisturizer and eye cream. She grooms brows, shaves, and exfoliates lips too.

2. Prime – A smooth, matte base is key. Naomi uses primer, then foundation applied with a beauty blender. She conceals blemishes and highlights with liquid highlighter.

3. Define – Using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade, Naomi sculpts arches for bold brows. She also fills lips with liner and gloss to plump.

4. Eye Makeup – A smoky eye amps up the glam. Naomi blends brown and black shadows, using Shiseido eyelash primer and volumizing mascara.

5. Contour – Cream bronzer sculpts Naomi’s cheeks before setting with translucent powder. She also contours her nose.

6. Blush – For a fresh glow, Nars Orgasm blush goes on the apples of Naomi’s cheeks. She finishes with spritzes of Urban Decay setting spray.

7. Lashes – False lashes complete Naomi’s bombshell look. She loves using Lilly Lashes in the style Miami.

With these pro tips, you too can master glam like Naomi! Remember good makeup starts with quality skin care. Apply products like Naomi, and you’ll be red carpet ready in no time.

Inside Naomi Ross’ Diet: Her Daily Food Choices

Gorgeous looks take discipline, as Naomi Ross knows. Let’s reveal what a typical day of eating looks like for this beauty. Naomi sticks to healthy, balanced meals that nourish her body.


  • Green smoothie – Naomi blends spinach/kale with banana, berries, almond milk, chia seeds, and collagen peptides.
  • Eggs – She rotates between scrambled, sunny-side up, or veggie omelette with turkey bacon.
  • Overnight oats – On busier days, overnight oats with Greek yogurt, chia and nuts fuels Naomi.
  • Coffee – She starts mornings with cold brew coffee or matcha latte.


  • Turkey lettuce wraps – A lighter lunch of turkey breast, avocado, tomato and dressing wrapped in lettuce.
  • Chicken salad – Grilled chicken mixed with avocado, nuts and vinaigrette over greens.
  • Salmon bowl – A protein-packed salmon filet served with quinoa and roasted veggies.
  • Snacks – Hummus with carrot sticks, chia pudding, or protein bar.


  • Fish or chicken – Grilled white fish or organic chicken breast with roasted broccoli.
  • Salad – Kale salad topped with lean proteins like chicken, salmon, or plant-based 


  • Soup – Vegetable soup, minestrone or lentil soup with half a sandwich.
  • Cauliflower pizza – Baked cauliflower crust pizza with veggies for a healthier take.

Naomi emphasizes lean proteins, greens, healthy fats and nutrient density. Her diet provides a blueprint for how to eat both healthily and deliciously like a star!

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Are Adin Ross and Naomi Ross siblings?

Yes, Adin Ross and Naomi Ross are siblings. They grew up together in Boca Raton, Florida and have a close brother-sister relationship.

Who is Naomi Ross?

Naomi Ross is the older sister of popular Twitch streamer and gamer Adin Ross. She is an influencer, model, and social media star in her own right with over 100k followers.

Is Adin Ross older than his sister?

No, Adin Ross is not older than his sister Naomi. Naomi was born in 1995 while her brother Adin was born in 2001, making Naomi the elder sibling. She helped kickstart Adin’s streaming career by collaborating with him on Twitch starting in 2018.


Naomi Ross has become a major influencer and social media star over the past few years. The sister of popular streamer Adin Ross, Naomi leveraged their collaborations and her own risque pranks to gain followers. She now lives a lavish lifestyle as an influencer on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and OnlyFans. 

Naomi has endured some controversies but remains dedicated to expanding her brand. She and brother Adin share a close bond supporting each other’s dreams. With her savvy and work ethic, Naomi’s future continues looking bright. Her fascinating journey shows how hustle and boldness can power online fame.

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